Introducing Politiforum Translation


Hey everyone - I’ve been busy working on the site and have added a new translation feature.

If you are posting a story from another country, you can post the text in directly and a small globe will show up underneath allowing users to translate the post.

Users in other countries will also be able to translate all of our posts into their own language.

All users will be able to select their language preference in their profile settings. The default language is English.

I’ll post an example below this post. I’ll be rolling out some more new features this week!


Um dem Auto auszuweichen, sprangen panische Passanten in die Themse. Eine Frau wurde später schwer verletzt aus dem Fluss geborgen.

Dann nahm der Terror-Wagen Kurs aufs Parlament, krachte in einen Zaun des Gebäudes. Anschließend ging der Täter mit zwei Messern auf Passanten und einen Polizisten los.


Aren’t you a clever one… :sunglasses:


This is great! Now I can post more stories from the insane asylum otherwise known as Sweden!


Thanks @Scott this was actually one of the the trickier things I’ve done. I’m glad it’s finished. My frustration level was hitting it’s limit. Then - success!


Our dilligent and humble admin :kissing_heart: thank you for all you do!


C’est magnifique!

Continuez le bon travail!


Thank you so much for your tireless efforts good sir…


Hahahahaha! We need a jive translator! You pickin up what I’m puttin down?