Invasion Caravan Rejects 10,000 Job Offers in Mexico, Demand that White America give them Money

The nonwhite invasion caravan bottled up at the Mexican border town of Tijuana have rejected an offer by the Mexican authorities to take up 10,000 job opportunities immediately available to them, and instead renewed their demand that white American taxpayers give them money, food, and accommodation.

According to the Deutsche Welle correspondent in Tijuana, “local authorities are trying to offer them jobs in the Mexican border town. But most migrants are determined to reach the US.”

The invasion caravan—which is already an estimated 7,000 strong, and growing by the day, are camped out at Tijuana, Mexico “demanding that US authorities accept their requests for asylum.”

“We can’t wait any longer,” the invaders shout, “let us cross.”

According to the report, many Tijuana locals “are fed up” with the invasion, and some “sport red Donald Trump-like baseball caps reading ‘Make Tijuana great again.’

Last Sunday, about 1,000 locals gathered to protest against the influx if migrants, chanting ‘No to invasion, yes to migration.’”

The report revealed that the regional government “is doing what it can to integrate” the invaders into the local economy, and that one Luis Rodolfo Enriquez runs a job agency near the invader camp.

“In the first couple of days, only a few dozen came to find out about vacancies,” he told DW. There are some 10,000 unfilled vacancies in Tijuana. Enriquez is convinced that half the invaders can get a job if they want, and that people with and without qualifications have a chance of getting work.

At Enriquez’s recruitment agency, employers can meet potential workers, and down the hall, immigration councilors issue temporary work permits. All over the city, shops display signs reading “staff wanted.”

At the border crossing, Mexican authorities tell the invaders that Tijuana has plenty of job opportunities. But most “are determined to reach the US,” the report adds.

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How can “asylum seekers fleeing for their lives” be so entitled? I suppose being in the US would be undesirable for them, since Donald Hitler is in charge (especially for the Honduras flag-waving folks).

Buncha crybabies.

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While I admit that probably over 90% of the supposed asylum seekers are frauds simply wanting to get into or back into the US for job opportunities this bs about them demanding “White American Taxpayers” support them needs to be called out for the racist BS that it is.

All that is accomplished with such lies is to hurt our cause by smearing us as a bunch of racist Neo Nazi White Nationalists.

Secure the damned border, it’s about American Sovereignty and the rule of American Law, it has nothing to do with race.

We’d be threatened just as much of the illegals were coming from Eastern or Central Europe as we are from these guys and gals.


I totally agree, thank you for calling this out.

It seems that the Mexicans didn’t get the memo from Soros :rofl::rofl:

Mexico will deport up to 500 migrants who attempted to storm the US border, according to its interior ministry.

It’s racist now to protect Whites from a soft and slow genocide because there are millions of brown people who simply want handouts?

White men built the foundation of America not diversity. Diversity is a code word for white genocide.

Both legal and illegal Third World immigration drives down wages, drains social services, and transforms the USA and Europe into Third World sewers. Both legal and illegal Third World immigration results in the same thing: White Genocide.

It’s time for you to wake up.


Cuckservatives: “I am against illegal immigration but support legal third world immigration. If my country is to become a third world shithole and my progeny dispossessed and exterminated, I want it to be done via legal means.”

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Whites are a global minority.

We are now becoming minorities in our own homelands due to mass third world immigration.

This isn’t an accident.
This has been orchestrated.


Agreed. :+1:

…”this bs about them demanding White America”

Agreed 100%. My first response to this title was just white America?

Mexican authorities are offering to help them get jobs, & they’re saying no. I wonder if there’s something else they’re seeking in the U S, such as welfare benefits.

Mexican authorities accept immigrants, but they don’t accept those who won’t support themselves, and it is illegal to be an illegal immigrant there or marry one to give them residence.

I like the cooperation and hard stance Mexico is taking. I’ll bet the migrants are wondering “what the heck”. “Things were not supposed to work out this way”.

Glad to hear those that rushed to border will be deported.

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Just a shame they allowed them to get so close to the US border

Why do white peoples need any third world peoples to reduce them in numbers when they’re doing it to themselves by way of support for criminal actions like abortion on demand?

It isn’t usually immigrant populations who support that crime.

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That about sums it up. Oh, and I’ll add observation of the law as well as adherence to our Constitution. :wink:

Because it is White Americans who pay the bulk of federal, state, and local taxes. Where do you think handouts come from?

“As long as wetbacks mow my lawn and roof my house at a reasonable rate, I’ll give them free rein to rape my granddaughter.” - Boomer Cuck


I have to wonder, where did all of these jobs come from in Tijuana?

The US - when neo-conservatives embraced shipping good paying American jobs overseas in exchange for a cheaper labor rate.

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You’re barking up the wrong tree if you intend to imply that is my attitude towards illegal immigration.

There must be jobs in Mexico as indigenous Mexicans in the southern provinces migrate to the northern provinces in search of work & Mexican immigration policy requires those wanting residence to be able to support themselves.

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