Iran and nuclear weapons


Just yesterday, an Iranian dissident group came out with photographs that purport to show that Iran is secretly pursuing nuclear weaponry.

Viscerally, I would like to see the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action–commonly known as “the Iran nuclear deal”) canceled.

As a practical matter, however, I am unsure just what that would accomplish.

The Iranian government has already garnered its goodies: the (roughly) 100 billion dollars in sanctions relief, plus the undoing of multilateral sanctions going forward. And it is very difficult to see just how we would get back that 100 billion dollars–or put the [B]multilateral[/B] sanctions back in place. (Easier, probably, to put the proverbial toothpaste back into the tube.)

So a cancelation of the Iran deal would leave them with all the goodies, while allowing them to (legally) pursue nuclear weapons.

The only place to go, then–it seems to me–would be to go to war with Iran.

And that is something that very few people have an appetite for.


Iran's president Rouhani says Tehran will not let Donald Trump rip up the nuclear deal

My understanding is that Iran nuclear deal set forth specific restrictions on Iran’s nuclear capabilities and spelled out western abilities to inspect and verify. In exchange, some sanctions were lifted. So, why not just kick the sanctions back on and start increasing the pain?


We aren’t going to get back the 100 billion that Obama handed over. That’s gone for good. We gave the Iranians needed to acquire more materials and technology. At this point, we have to start with sanctions. If they continue to act up then we stack up the Straight of Hormuz with Navy ships. This will piss off Russia, but not to the point of striking first.



This is a bad situation any way you slice it. We are stuck with the deal only as long as Iran is in compliance with it. The minute they aren’t, just like the terms of any contract, we are no longer bound by the agreement and neither are they. What happens when you violate the terms of a contract? The agreed upon penalties are applied. Having never read the JCPOA I can’t say for sure what those penalties look like, but any contract would have the terms clearly defined. If they are in violation then we first and foremost apply whatever penalties we said that we would - and we do it swiftly. If Iran continues to build a nuclear weapons program then the penalties increase and are also applied swiftly. These latter penalties must include a military option that is acted upon after a reasonable warning is issued.


What are your thoughts about the Israeli nuclear program?

Bothered by It?


That’s a fair point to make. I have never been totally comfortable with the power of the Israel lobby or the level of foreign military sales to Israel; however, who would I prefer that we train and equip? The Israelis or the Iranians? The answer should readily present itself if you are following the internal and external political affairs of both countries closely. Israel is no different than any other rational actor. They are looking out for what is in their best interest economically, militarily, and politically. Iran is too to an extent, while openly calling for the death and destruction of the United States. Israel provides a regional counter-balance to Iran.


Israel ,in my opinion presents an ongoing threat to regional stability. It’s not a matter of who to train and equip.
Iran has done a well enough job in becoming an all powerful nation.
The point I’m trying to make is while the USA is bothered by Iranian nuclear ambitions it turns a blind eye to Israel,. In fact you won’t find many in Congress willing to discuss Israel’s nuclear arsenal. That’s what creates instability.


That’s because Israel has never publicly acknowledged that they possess nuclear weapons.


Are they threatening anyone??


When is the last time you heard Israel say it was going to wipe someone off the map? Israel has said publicly that they have no intention of attacking Iran unless they feel they have no other option for their own survival. Britain and the US through the UN created the Israeli state out of a nebulous land that had no borders or countries…One can argue the wisdom of that but then again that is a religious commitment made to the Israelis long before the US was a country and the only way Israel is going to survive surrounded by the religion of peace is through pure strength…


Israel cannot be blindly supported. They’ve been caught spying on the US numerous times and certain individuals hold powerful positions in America. Israel has an interest to veer the American peoples’ views in their direction because of their reliance on American aid and their struggle for survival. Personally, I think it was a stupid idea to establish a country there, but that cannot be changed now. I don’t give Israel 100% of my trust, and I’ll leave it at that. There are plenty of reasons for this…


Yes ,they certainly are. threatening…They routinely threaten the members of US Congress. Have you ever heard of a lobbyist org. called AIPAC?


Here’s a giant bite me.

Well bud how many times has the US spied on Israel???

Apparently it’s ok for the US to spy on our allies but not the other way around.

The National Security Agency’s effort to eavesdrop on communications between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his aides reportedly also captured private conversations involving U.S. lawmakers and members of American Jewish groups.

The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that the NSA’s monitoring of such exchanges raised fears that the Obama administration would be accused of spying on Congress, with one official calling it an “oh, s— moment”.

December 30, 2015 05:18
Despite promises not to spy on friendly world leaders, Obama reportedly continued to monitor Netanyahu on the grounds it served a “compelling national security purpose.”

US Spying on Israel
Amit, Kielczynski and Others

American government documents released in 2004 reveal that the U.S. ran a spy in Israel who was a senior member of the Israeli Government. (See: Was There A Spy In the Israeli Government? - Hamodia)

This revelation once again put the lie to the U.S. insistence that Israel alone had betrayed a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ between the two countries by running a spy in Washington. Other obvious contradictions had previously surfaced over the years, including the cases of IDF officer Yossi Amit, and Angie Kielczynski - both are Israelis who spied for the U.S.

1/29/2016 04:20 am ET | Updated Jan 29, 2016
The U.S. Has Been Spying On Israel For Over A Decade: Report
The U.K. is involved in the hacking operation too.

ERUSALEM, Jan 29 (Reuters) - The United States and Britain have monitored secret sorties and communications by Israel‘s air force in a hacking operation dating back to 1998, according to documents attributed to leaks by former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden.

Israel voiced disappointment at the disclosures, which were published on Friday in three media outlets and might further strain relations with Washington after years of feuding over strategies on Iran and the Palestinians.

Israel‘s Yedioth Ahronoth daily said the U.S. National Security Agency, which specializes in electronic surveillance, and its British counterpart GCHQ spied on Israeli air force missions against the Palestinian enclave Gaza, Syria and Iran.

The spy operation, codenamed “Anarchist,” was run out of a Cyprus base and targeted other Middle East states too, it said. Its findings were mirrored by stories in Germany’s Der Spiegel newsmagazine and the online publication The Intercept, which lists Snowden confidant Glenn Greenwald among its associates.


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