Iran Demands US Chess Champ Wear Hijab at World Competition


After years of fake feminists, we are now seeing genuine ones. Women who have achieved something difficult and are prepared to speak up for what they believe, rather than what they are told they ought to believe. Iran made the demand. She said No!

But hey, she’s got nothing on a bunch of feminists who put on pink hats and went for a walk.


What’s even better about this story is that she is an immigrant who came to the United States legally.


The new left will never recognize what feminism actually looks like. They now believe they should be wearing the hijab as an act of protest, when all that is doing is further validating the claims of radical Islamists that women should be subjugated.


Le Pen, Nazi Paikidze U.S. chess champion, and Germany’s Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen are strong, successful, intelligent, and principled women. These are the types of women girls should look up to and strive to become one day around the world.


“By participating, I would be forced to submit to forms of oppression designed specifically for women,” Nazi Paikidze told Marie Clare magazine. “It sets the wrong example, particularly for young girls interested in chess.”

She gives up on the opportunity to win more than $100,000 in award money.


This woman has more class in her pinky than 1000 feminists together. God bless her for taking a stand.


That’s a very true statement. Here is some of the “class” demonstrated by contemporary feminists.

Allison Hope is the author of “Farting Is My Secret Feminist Weapon that Works Every Time” - if the shoe fits.