Iran Has Test Fired a Ballistic Missile



So Iran can nuke Israel? Well, I’m sure the US should do something eventually, but…why rush? Let’s, uh… wait and see what happens. For a hundred years or so :smile:


Iran: Let me remind you that you spent 8 years trying to defeat Saddam Hussein. America defeated him in 3 months.


And many Brits are blaming Trump for this. N. Korea has emboldened these rogue nations. Russia sits back and laughs at the impotence of the west. Our government is making Russia the enemy when they are the ones who stepped into a coup that we helped get started.

Hey we can take Russia out easily but before they went down we would be destroyed as well.

I just made the following post to one of those Brits.

Perhaps a different approach can end this. For how many years has Iran been an issue? I can say both republican and democrat presidents have had no success in dealing with N. Korea or Iran.


If these rogue states want to get their butts kicked then we should give them what they’re asking for. I don’t think we need to go in occupy…we can put the full might of our Air Force to use. What are we training all of these fighter pilots for? Let’s put their training to good use…especially in those new F-35s.


Iran nukes Israel. America, Israel’s puppet, bombs a set of military facilities in Iran, but can’t bring itself to nuke innocent Muslim civilians. China and Russia impose sanctions on US. World economy collapses. Americans have all of their elected officials shot. Better world.


If Iran and Israel bomb each other into smithereens, is there a downside really?


Well… are we really all that happy at the thought of our 'Arab ‘allie’ being the sole power in the middle east? Really?

Wasabi hot… Wohabie not


Well another one of Obama’s accomplishments !


And as it turns out Hussein wasn’t as bad as the aftermath of replacing a legitimate government. Kind of like Egypt and Libya isn’t it.

Intervention has a price and often it’s very high with unexpected results.


What?.. you actually think that they had any particular ‘results’ in mind?


Other than the innocent people that die in the process perhaps not.


That wouldn’t be the ideal way of getting rid of the republicans and democrats. The president threatens to withdraw from an agreement that has been working with Iran and they respond as they do. Who’s surprised?

Rouhani warned Wednesday that his country will "respond decisively’’ to any violation of the agreement and called President Donald Trump’s "ignorant, absurd and hateful rhetoric’’ about Iran unfit for the United Nations.

“It will be a great pity if this agreement were to be destroyed by rogue newcomers to the world of politics,” the Iranian leader told the UN General Assembly.


Of course Rouhani didn’t really say anything… He only parroted Iatola Khomeini who has been been threatening Israel and the US forever anyway… I heard ‘experts’ yesterday say that Iran will be able to have a deliverable nuclear device in an coincidentally interesting 8 or so years… One of these mutton heads is going to destroy a western city and but they really won’t have Trump to blame it on…


This was the P5+1’s accomplishment which has been working fine. Do you see Iran working on nuclear weapons?


It has been working? Nope because we have no way of knowing.


Yes we do. The IAEA monitors this.



From the text of the agreement:

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will be requested to monitor and
verify the voluntary nuclear-related measures as detailed in this JCPOA


Right, and so long as they volunteer their compliance, they’re compliant. Of course if the twitter in chief keeps threatening countries, there’s no telling how they might respond.

These are the boots on the ground!


And surprise inspections do not happen.