Iran Has Test Fired a Ballistic Missile


Your point…?


About the only time you’ll see the right back the blue is when matters of abuse of military power are concerned.



Well then, don’t all the scaredy cats feel silly now. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Nuclear fallout and mass migration, but other than that, not really.


Do you have something against THINKING ? :laughing:


Nope, just cautious about agenda driven “think tanks”.


You mean that this launch which is considered by some as a breach of the agreement is actually 7 months old… Shit man, they have 7 months of R&D that is unknown to us… The are right on schedule for putting it all together on the first day after the agreement expires… and they have NKorea doing the miniaturization and thermonuclear work ongoing… and they said that it was four energy production…


But rely on fake news , got it ! :laughing:


There’s no fake news. There’s bias and indoctrinare reporting of the news from both sides which is very unfortunate. We should have “news” stations and then different channels and genres should host talking heads like Rachel Maddow, Kieth Olberman, Sean Hannity and Shepherd Smith.


Yeah , kind of like most of your posts . :laughing::laughing:


Such is the debate losers default. More personal attacks.


We should but then their are the upstanding newsmen like… Brian Williams… There is fake news… we have a whole thread of it… It is, I must say, diminishing considerably since so much attention was brought to bear… Of course their is much bias in the news… but thats not fake… thats just biased…