Iran says it has built third underground ballistic missile factory


At least we know now where all of those pallets of money went that Obama had flown into Iran in the middle of the night in exchange for political hostages.

Iran has built a third underground ballistic missile production factory and will keep developing its missile program, the semi-official Fars news agency quoted a senior commander of the elite Revolutionary Guard as saying.

The development is likely to fuel tensions with the United States in a week when President Donald Trump, on his first foreign trip, has called Iran a sponsor of militant groups and a threat to countries across the Middle East.

“Iran’s third underground factory has been built by the Guards in recent years … We will continue to further develop our missile capabilities forcefully,” Fars quoted Amirali Hajizadeh, head of the Guard’s airspace division, as saying.

Since taking office in January, Trump has imposed new sanctions on Iran in response to its recent missile launches, putting Tehran “on notice”.

Iran has reacted defiantly. Newly re-elected pragmatist President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday: “Iran does not need the permission of the United States to conduct missile tests”.

Iran’s Sunni Muslim Gulf neighbors and its arch-enemy Israel have expressed concerns over Tehran’s ballistic missile program, seeing it as a threat to regional security.

In 2015, Iranian state TV aired footage of underground tunnels with ready-to-fire missiles on the back of trucks, saying the facility was one of hundreds of underground missile bases around the country.

“It is natural that our enemies America and the Zionist regime (Israel) are angry with our missile program because they want Iran to be in a weak position,” Hajizadeh said.

Most nuclear-related sanctions on Iran were lifted last year after Tehran fulfilled commitments under a 2015 deal with major powers to scale back its nuclear program - an agreement that Trump has frequently criticized as being too soft on Tehran. But Iran remains subject to a U.N. arms embargo and other restrictions.

Two months after implementation of the deal, the Guards test-fired two ballistic missiles that it said were designed to be able to hit Israel.

Iran says its missile program is not in defiance with a U.N. resolution that calls on it to refrain from work on ballistic missiles designed to deliver nuclear weapons for up to eight years.

“Along with improving our defense capabilities, we will continue our missile tests and missile production. The next missile to be produced is a surface-to-surface missile,” said Hajizadeh, without elaborating.

In retaliation for the new U.S. sanctions over its ballistic missile program, Iran this month added nine American individuals and companies to its own list of 15 U.S. companies for alleged human rights violations and cooperation with Israel.

(Writing by Parisa Hafezi; Editing by Mark Trevelyan)


I distinctly remember the Obama administration telling us that the Iranians can be trusted. So we agree to a shit deal, give them a ton of money, and they turn around and build an underground ballistic missile factory…compliments of Obama’s incompetence.


If we truly want better relations with Iran in the future, we need to go to war with them. The unfortunate fact is that permanent victory in war can seldom be achieved without directly and successfully attacking the losing side’s civilians. We get along well with the Japanese and Germans today after fire bombing them in their beds. Too bad this winning tactic is not used against every foe. It is time to dust it off once more in order to provide stability later.


WW2 was an example of the military running a war vs the politicians. Politician wars: Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan to name a few.


Now… for a bonus question… Can you tell us the last war we actually won?


This of course should be the criteria we use to engage another country… If we are going to engage them militarily then we must consider that engagement serious enough to win unconditionally… If we are not threatened enough to rise to that standard we should stay out … if we are unwilling to exact that kind of punishment from our adversaries… we should stay out… If we loose our sovereignty because of it we elected the wrong leaders…


Probably the Balkans war where the US used airpower with the US to defeat Milosevic from completing the “ethnic cleansing” of Bosnia and Kosovo. Mid 1990’s.

But then the question should be asked, did we have national interests at risk?


Nah… the end result wasn’t much different from Korea… the UN is still present and the US still pays the bulk of the funding for it… The interesting thing here is that while the world has been focused on Ukraine, Kosivo and Montinagro seem to have a gathering potential for being an ISIS staging ground… Perhaps Milosevic knew something about the populations in the area that the rest of the world didn’t…

To your question… that is hard to say… While the obvious answer is WWII, how would things have shaken out without our participation is not clear cut… Perhaps Russia would have gone down in defeat, Communist China would have never take root and the clash between Germany and Japan would have sorted out the rest of the problem… and help a bit with over population…