IRS Is Coming for Your Passports


IRS Is Coming for Your Passports


Can’t happen under the TIC’s leadership, he’s going to MAGA, wink wink.


You mean that Obama really did know what Lerner was doing ???


Yet another case of guilty and punished until proven innocent.

Congress has given this power to the IRS. They have also given power to the TSA and EPA as well as other agencies.

A sad state of affairs for a once free country.


The other thing is the IRS can say that you owe an amount without providing an itemized bill. They just say, this is want you owe. There is absolutely no due process.


I personally loved how they froze my bank accounts and I was unable to cash a check had to stop direct deposit etc.

They claimed I owed 4K. We settled on 400 bucks a year later and not one Sorry about that. It did trigger yearly audits for 5 years.


But not while the TIC is president, surely he’s not going to allow this… Oh wait. MAGA. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


It will take President Trump time to undo all of the mechanisms put in place by globalists and statists like yourself. I know it makes you very upset to see all the things that you love and support being thrown in the trash where they belong…but that’s what’s happening.


Who would oppose him requiring the IRS follow the rule of law, and why isn’t his IRS doing so, hmm?


Why have government agencies been given the authority by Congress to write their own regulations…hmm?


But then again, your hatred of Trump seems to be all consuming and you attach any comment to look at the bad trump. See I told you so.

Get over it.


That’s because he can’t make a point. He’s just here to badmouth Trump. He probably gets paid per post.


You can’t blame everything on Obama when he was president and blame everything on congress when the TIC is president. Get right and pick one.


They must think these dead beats are a flight risk .
Maybe the tax delinquent can put up a bond equal to the debt ?
If you were under investigation you would face travel restrictions .
I mean it not like they couldn’t drop a dime and have them put them on the no fly list !


The problem is that some are guilty of nothing, many are accusations.

Is that the kind of country you want?

Unelected bureaucrats deciding if you should lose your ability to leave the country?


He didn’t mention Trump he mentioned CONGRESS.


Lol, can’t stand the curtain being pulled back on the TIC can you. I’m sure you guys would be a lot less frustrated if EVERYBODY that posted here was licking the TIC’s ass. Sorry to disappoint.


You mean that career positions in the various agencies actively opposed Obama?.. you mean that elements of his own party worked to undermine him because their globalist candidate didn’t win the election. The president didn’t vote 50 times to repeal Obamacare under Obama and show their true colors when Trump pushed the idea into their laps when he became president. …


You are a hate filled person.

Have you always been this way or is it a TDS issue???


Well good question, better yet, why do Americans line up election after election to send one democrat/republican or another to Washington when congresses JAR remains below 20 for YEARS??? Time to do something different huh?