Is American Conservatism Now a Religion?


Really feddo, that’s weak even for you. Some of us operate in the real world where we work hard and eschew mopey self pity and pouty demands of the left.

The average IQ of a conservative is likely far higher than that of progressive, for the simple reason that living in a theoretical political fantasy world requires very little critical thinking, something deeply frowned upon by the left.


I agree…

“Religion” will always make room or at least coexist for those who may have a different set beliefs. Even outright critics are often seen as potential future adherents or are at least treated respectfully - and at worst indifference.

In a cult, any who questions or attempts critique are met with hostility and public attack. It’s important to keep the “in group” inline, to do this you build a firewall between them and anything perceived as an external threat.


As we have certainly seen with the all out war on any opposing positions by the MSM… left stream bloggers… monied interests that fund violence at opposition rallies, prevent opposition speakers the opportunity to express an opinion and of course a very insure established bureaucracy that feels under threat by new ideas and different ways of solving problems… Yes indeed, we have seen all of these cult like behaviors played out over the past year and a half…


Chandler, that describes the progressives and democrat party in the US today.


I seem to recall reading a thread this morning of an interaction between you and @JesusSaves123 which really validated my personal perspective. Did this not happen?


Proving of course the far right and far left are very much the same.


What does that even mean? Are you claiming to be a centrist now?


There is no doubt a rather immovable position on the right… it is a bonified religion that dictates in measurable term fairly rigid positions… Is it a cult? I wouldn’t think so… is it rather dogmatic? Possibly but I would suggest that the tenets that dictate its values have actually stood the test of time. While I share most of the same views of what some might call a fundamentalist, I attempt to apply those to a government that is secular in nature. People will proclaim the Judeo Christian foundation of our country and that is true… what is not true is that the country was designed to be a theocracy and in fact when the constitution was ratified, abortion was legal. Having one however had immediate social consequences which have been removed from public discourse today by things like the 1964 civil rights act that hamper business from actually engaging in social conditioning (Unless of course it is a left leaning position… then you actually care little about the 1964 civil rights act). Political correctness and the rather violent SJ movement also disallow for people to voice their objections to social behavior.

I personally stand by the fact that the left, lead by a progressive movement that really has no rules, can be extremely violent and will pick up groups and individual and dump them with out the slightest provocation… you support gays and blacks as long as they carry water for the progressive movement… otherwise they are sellouts and uncle toms…

A study of groups like the so called neonazis and ‘white’ nationalist (even though their are plenty of black and Hispanic nationalists) much despised by your antifa goons will show that they are in fact cut from the same cloth… have very similar base aims and tie nicely together in one symbiotic nazi/fascist/communist/progressive movement.

Christians have a principled position from which they view an issue… where I take exception with them is that this was not meant to an experiment in theocratic design.

For me with respect to your last comment to @LouMan… I am not a centrist… I am to the right… most everything that is put forth in our big government politics is totalitarian in nature and therefore to the left…


There are 2 groups that are steadfast in their beliefs, the far right and the far left, there is no deviation.

For the majority of Americans they are a blend of beliefs. Some to the left some to the right with few dead center.

For you the world is black and white either you are or aren’t. It’s not what elects a president but the people outside of the far left or right that elect a president.

Where you are a far left person, Jesus saves is a hard right person neither right, both wrong. Both steadfast in their beliefs, neither willing to compromise.


So basically both of you are Liberals and you make up about 25 percent of the people on this Conservative forum. Good to know.


You really are clueless aren’t you.


First of all where in the name ‘Freebird’ gave you a definitive idea that this forum… who the owner will tell you is open to all political persuasions and is dedicated to ‘free speech’, was an exclusively conservative forum.

Actually some people have a problem separating their personal faith and how they conduct their lives from the worldly governance we have in our country. We live in a Constitutional Republic (in case you forgot or were misinformed) not a Democracy and not Theocracy. Members of every faith or indeed those with no faith at all have the right in our republic to verbalize their points of view in the wider debate but do not have the absolute say, as our republic is representative of the general will of the people. (Or at least it is supposed to be).

One thing I find particularly annoying about many members of the religious right and indeed the religious left(both are very well steeped in their own edicts and dogma) is that they both 1) feel they have the right to impose their values on everyone else regardless of the general conscientious 2) they pontificate but rarely come down from their pedestal to educate. The left of course have a hard time articulating a lucid position because it changes at the whim and wish of the prevailing wind. Many on the religious right can throw out a few universal values well recognized by most and a couple of scriptures (most generally taken out of context) but are absolutely inept at explaining the importance of those values to someone who hasn’t come to the level of ‘enlightenment’ that is deemed sufficient to be in their company. Sanctity of life is a very difficult concept for someone who grows up where the man backhands his wife and children are shot by random bullets while laying in their beds… you catch more flies with honey in the quest for the kind of opinion you need to turn your value into the nations values I’m thinking you will get along with people who believe in this constitutional republic a lot better if you discuss your values in relation to the actual black letter law of this country… even if you don’t agree with it.

  1. Both refuse to acknowledge we all have a right to choose within the law.
    You may not like abortion however it is law of the land and people have the ability to chose for themselves No group left or right can impose their will on people as long as the law allows an action.
    You may not like POT however where it is legal people can chose to use it or not.
    You may not like Gay marriage however it is legal and they can marry of they chose.

The list goes on.


I agree with what you posted, yet while the extremes of both sides engage in that behavior, the left does these things with those all the way to centrist. Witness how the DNC has been taken over by the extreme left.

Any and all left wing beliefs are rigidly enforced on social media, and in college classrooms. Any dissent marks you as a racist, or misogynist, or something else from the endless ‘lists of ists’. If you try posting a conservative viewpoint on a site like Daily Kos, or Occupy Democrats- you will be banned. Posting left wing ideas on a conservative site like daily signal, etc. will likely get you some stupid retorts, but you won’t be banned - big, big, difference.