Is Carrying A Weapon Now A Necessity?


Considering the rising mass shootings in the US, is the laissez-faire gun policy the correct one to preserve liberalism and freedom of choice. Consider:

  • The more people carry weaponry the bigger the risk of an armed conflict
  • The bigger the risk of an armed conflict the bigger the pressure to carry for the sake of personal safety
  • The amount of people who carry increases, with the cycle returning to point 1

All in all, carrying is becoming a more of a necessity for personal safety than a freedom of choice, thus undermining the very basis of liberalism. Thoughts?


Mass shootings aren’t really a big deal imo, they’re just one of the many expressions of murder (especially murder-suicide), popularized intensely by the media because people eat it up.

Once you consider it just another expression of murder, and that rate has been going down for many years now, it’s just not a huge deal. The way I see it, forensic science caught up with the general serial-killer. When someone prone to anti-social behavior has a choice of “kill slowly, get caught anyway, die or rot in jail” or “kill many, go out in blaze of glory, get televised” I think the matter is simple to make up.

Hell i’m not even a huge gun advocate, but people prone to murder very much like to follow popular trends. The trends can be affected by state law, of course, but the end result is always murder, and the focus of law should be in generalities, not specifics.

Just look at Britain. Sure, they got rid of a lot of guns in circulation, but all the criminals just went to knives, and the knife assault rate ended up matching the earlier gun assault rate. Australia is still having mass shootings (any event where 4+ people are killed or injured)…and the fact that the vast majority of mass shootings here are gang related is also a challenge.

I guess my point is, it’s not a necessity. The US, outside of gang zones, of which there aren’t many and they’re always shrinking, is a very safe place to live. The overall murder rate gets lower and lower every year.


Extremely few people carry in public even in states where it’s allowed. Even in states that don’t require a license! If more people bit the bullet (so to speak), it’s a good thing.

Additionally, there has been no rise in mass shootings. The trend is negative over the last few decades just like murder overall. But mostly importantly most “mass shootings” are gang violence, and not representative of the level of danger a normal civilian faces from day to day.

At the end of the day, I don’t care how many dindunuffins get shot, it could be a billion of them, I’m not surrendering my firearms.


This is all very simple.

  • Liberals want gun control
  • Suddenly the reports of shooting become higher in number without the amount actually changing
  • People believe guns are becoming a worse problem and need to be controlled

The End.