Is Denzel Washington a Libertarian?


I was watching YouTube and stumbled across a few Denzel Washington interviews that I hadn’t seen before that I thought were interesting. Denzel seems really ticked off about fake news, the media, and race issues - but not the way you might be thinking. When people bring up the whole “forced diversity” thing he starts off by saying that you can’t legislate relationships and that people have the right to choose to freely associate.

I’m sure in Hollywood he doesn’t want to come out as a full-blown libertarian or conservative because that would be bad for business, but he seems to be getting more outspoken about his views - and I agree with him.



Looks like Denzel has been taking his red pills.


I don’t know if he is a full blown libertarian, but he is definitely conservative. At least he’s been getting louder and louder about expressing traditionally conservative views.

Here he is a few days ago on black crime and incarceration. He doesn’t blame the system, he blames the breakdown of the traditional families in black communities.


I’ve seen a couple of good sit down interviews with him and while I don’t agree with everything he says and I am fairly sure he voted for Hillary (better the devil you know), he understands the damage that the policies of the last 60 years have caused to the black community. He understands that to improve your community you have to be responsible for yourself…


Really? I tried searching for him saying who he voted for and I came up empty.


I’m only speculating from the interviews I have heard and some of his answers. I think he is somewhat conflicted about what government should do but he is definitely on the side of individual responsibility…

My comment was only a guess…


Career suicide. Im sure others in the belly of the beast are not as the stereotypical Hollywood actor suggests, but they also have to think about their paycheck.


The only big name guy who gets away with being conservative and still working in the business is Clint Eastwood. James Woods retired, otherwise I’d count him as well.


Probably voted for Gary Johnson.


NO !!! Only Stevie John voted for Gary Johnson. ! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Well, he is a smart guy…

A vote for Gary Johnson isn’t just a protest vote against the two least liked presidential candidates in history. It’s a strategic vote for the next election and the future of our country.


I can’t bring myself to vote for either of them. But, fortunately, I have a choice. Contrary to popular belief, a vote for former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is not a wasted vote. In fact, it’s a strategic vote.

Right… that sounds convincingly strategic…

Anyone who pushes for open borders is not someone I would name as being in the strategic interests of the United States as a sovereign nation. I consider myself a libertarian but I also call myself and American. I will always reconcile the conflict between those two in favor of my country… because their are a good number of countries working for the demise of the US… and they have many supporters within our borders…