Is Indiana to blame for Chicago's gun violence?


Obama suggests that Indiana and other states with few gun restrictions are to blame for Chicago’s homicide problem - Are you kidding me?!?


Certainly people committing the crime could never be responsible.


Of course! Everyone is to blame but the criminals. If Indiana is the cause of the problem in Chicago then why doesn’t Indiana have the same (or worse) problem? This is not even an argument.


Do demoRATS ever run out of stupid excuses ? Is it any wonder they are loaded with whining crybabies that NEVER man up to ANYTHING ?


Liberals never hold themselves accountable for anything. They always need to be the victims of some larger conspiracy. Their polices only fail because of some evil Republican plot not because they were ineffective.


And I guess the Russians are responsible for writing Hillary’s emails too ! :laughing:
Is it any wonder a majority of demoRATS are collecting government benefits for 3 to 5 generations and feel it is OWED to them ? They fail to take responsibility for anything ! And they can’t figure out why the lost the Senate , the House , 1042 seats, along with the presidency of the USA ! :laughing:


The nearly non-existent gun laws in Indiana have caused a massive influx of weapons into the city of Chicago. If you can’t see this as clear as day then you are simply choosing not to see the truth. Only responsible gun control will end the madness.


Yep , it’s those guns doing all the killing . :scream:


That is by far a great excuse for dismissing the responsibility of the people killing each other.

By and large, the available evidence increasingly tends to suggest that most types of crime tend to increase in levels of occurrence with increasing population density. This relationship, however, is moderated by SES. A cluster of affluent high-rise apartments in Mumbai or New York may have high density, but will also have a high level of guardianship, thus inhibiting crime. On the other hand, a high density poverty area will incorporate in its lifestyle incentives for predatory behaviours and disincentives for guardianship, given the hazards associated with confronting criminals (on their turf) or witnessing criminal acts.

The crime rate in Illinois minus Chicago is low. You predators in the cities should try and control yourselves.


gun guy


The PEOPLE responsible are those pulling the triggers.


The neglect of Chicago’s intercity first by Richard J. Daley, 48th mayor, 1955-1976 and going to Rahm Emanuel, 55th mayor, 2011 and unemployment north of 25% are the true cause of black on black killings .


The same is true of conservatives. In fact, if not for being steeped in partisanship, you’d realize you describe a human trait that far far predates Democrats and Republicans or the American nation all together.


Indeed, but we are not talking about conservatives and conservatives do not control Chicago. Chicago is controlled by irresponsible money grubbing regressive liberal criminals who only care about how much money and votes they can get from people, and the fact that they are supposed to work for and represent the people be damned! The NRA has tried to get legislation passed that would make any crime committed with a gun carry a minimum five year sentence. Guess what? Democrats killed it! So no, your smoke has cleared and Indiana has not caused any guns to commit crimes.


You need to understand John/Monte is a master at diversion.

Changing the narrative when the conversation isn’t go well is his mantra.


You refer to politicians and simple human greed that knows no political boundaries.


Only quoting part of what I said is a well oiled liberal tactic.


So I’ll expect that you’ll always quote everyone’s entire post, and comment on its entirety. :roll_eyes:. Sorry, but I commented on the part of your post that I was interested in. I see you’ve joined the choir. People usually like the security, it takes real effort to swim upstream.


Yes, I’ll only quote someone’s complete post.

As far as the rest of your “post”…what is that called, gibberish or pretense?


AND The guns do not shoot themselves. IF it was just loose gun laws, why is Indiana not overrun by crime? Kansas? Wyoming? Texas?