Is Indiana to blame for Chicago's gun violence?


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I did respond to all of your post. Now you may stop making up falsehoods, if possible. First part of your post answered, last part classified accordingly.


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Progressive liberal, disciple of Bernie.


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Monte,strict gun laws have done nothing to reduce violent gun crimes. Chicago is a perfect example.
You haven’t said anything about the need to enforce criminal laws,straw purchases and the failure to list people into a data base that in no way should be able to purchase any type of gun as in Texas.
The concept of a mandatory 5 yr sentence is good until the ACLU finds a way to appeal it.We also need people on juries that aren’t Brain Dead!!!


When ever there is a lot of shootings why do traitors all want to take guns away from the people who didn’t do it?


I support strict gun laws, I just haven’t weighed in a whole lot on that subject here. I would also support a national database contributed to by the nations mental health providers. So many of the senseless mass murders in America are committed by people that at the very least shouldn’t be allowed to buy guns (like the Aurora shooter did) and in some cases shouldn’t even be walking our streets.


Monte, Have you read my post?? ??? I agree with you that people with a history of mental disorders and convicted of violent crimes shouldn’t be allowed to purchase any type of handgun,rifle or shotgun.We should hold anyone that fails to enter someone into the national data base as the Air Force failed to do as in the recent Texas shootings as being complicit in these crimes .
Reread my post!!! Chicago has some of the most ,if not the most restrictive gun laws in the country. They usually lead the country in gun killings which occur because of Drug Gangs ln impoverished neighborhoods .
Although I’m an NRA member, I don’t agree with everything they say .I also have a valid concealed weapons permit.Here in Pa. every gun show I’ve been to,all dealers have a computer available to do an instant background check only as good as the information it contains . I also believe in severe penalties for both the seller and buyer of weapons thru a straw purchase.


Well then we largely agree!!


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The NRA has tried to get mandatory sentencing for criminals convicted of using guns in crime. Yep, regressive sorry liberals block it. You don’t think libs are pro crime? Look at all the illegals that are gonna show up tomorrow night. Look at how they shut down the gov over illegals! One other thing, I thing the cowardly treasonous libs, if they are set on gun restrictions that do nothing, should come take them themselves.