Is it a Bad Idea for Children to Learn About Religion in School?


Is it a bad idea for children to learn about religion in school? That’s what I want to debate about. Tell me what you think.


Regarding children and religion in school, indoctrination of impressionable persons in theological ideologies is somewhat dangerous, this is mainly because you are taking someone with limited and naive world views and limited consent, and pushing them to accept a theology set of bias views as truth.

Cults and military/paramilitary recruiters play to this same exact example to snag new followers and sway them to their cause. The military, Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts, Mormons, LBGT, and actual cults (like scientology for example) actually use the impressionable and naive nature of young people to recruit them easier and to get them to accept biased propaganda as truth. Like the Boy Scouts of America claiming Gays and atheists are immoral people and are thus barred from entry for that reason.

Because children trust adults and because they don’t know enough about the world, they accept that what adults tell them is true and factual, even if it’s false.

Aside from the propaganda influence (of young persons) religion and state must be separate (in the US) because that would give infrastructure advantage to one religion over another. It would turn into state run control of thought rather quickly because of this.

Basically, religion tells you very point blank what is right and what is wrong on everyday thoughts and actions. If the State backs a religion in school it allows them to dictate right and wrong without actually writing laws to change what is legally right or wrong. So what you end up with is a State discriminating against its citizens based on what the state religion deems as wrong.


Perhaps not if they were being taught comparative. But if we’re just going to teach them to be Christians, then no.


@Darth What you are saying is that telling young, impressionable children that religion is cool, or being straight is the good way by an adult will make them want to do/try that thing, because they are impressionable. But what about vice versa? This, (Woman) I think, is telling young, Impressionable children that being LGBTQ+ is “cool” or “fun” and the show is clearly the target demographic of a child younger than the age of five. When you tell someone that is younger than five that something is, “cool” or “fun” then they will want to try it. It clearly goes both ways, now that that is out of the way, what is your opinion of her?


In the south, all textbooks on science now have giant ass disclaimer stickers stating; “evolution is just a theory which in no way has been proven” thanks to the creationists and intelligent design people, furthermore creationism is now taught alongside science.

As a result of the drought in Texas from 2008-2014; more than 60% of the population thought it was God’s plan and that the only thing that could be done was prayer along with saying that climate change isn’t real. I’m sorry, but no amount of sitting in a room praying will put water in your cup.


This is why we have a country of degenerates. The lack of religious emphasis in daily life is the root cause of most of our problems in society. You can easily see the increase in degeneracy with the decrease in religious involvement. It started in the 60s and has been eroded ever since.


@Darth For one, you did not answer my question. Two. Why do you think this is? It’s because 64.9 percent of the southern population in the US is religious, and that means the people who are writing the books are more than likely to be religious than not. Do you know that over 50% of the 64.9% is supportive of creation by God? As well as the rest being some other religion that are few and far between. You see, these things go both ways and you can’t pin it all on religion.

The majority of the country teaches the theory of Evolution next to science on the daily as well. Making that not an impressionable argument.


The books in school below the Bible Belt have that sticker in majority of places, as a result children pay less attention to actual science because they are told at a young age it is entirely based on false theories. I lived in Oklahoma for three years, during that drought and in that drought winter of 2010 and I spent 6 months in Texas during that time. Sure allegory/ personal experience means nothing apparently but I spent 3 years down there during that drought and that is what I saw and lived.



Apart from that being openly illegal in most public schools, private schools can teach what they want, as long as its approved by the government and the society of school teaching it. Which isn’t hard to bypass religion in private schools, considering the separation of church and state.

And if you were in Texas I don’t know why you are surprised because everyone and their dog is religious there.


YES IT IS… Particularly that secular progressive one…


Check out Penn and Tellers show BULLSHIT - watch the creationism episode. It follows the vote of a southern school board in Texas to put the stickers in the books and teach intelligent design which passed unanimously — it was a public school board.


So the decisions of schools and college campuses should be based off of the conclusions of two magicians who never went to college?

Seems reasonable to me.

Also the school board example you just provided comes back to the same point that I already made, that pretty much everyone in Texas is religious in some way.


Yeah… if you asked most kids today to tell you the Golden Rule… then would immediately respond with something akin to “He who has the gold rules”…


No no no…

I’m saying that the influence of being told science is wrong and that you should just let God solve all your problems at that young of an age does a lot of intellectual damage later in life, with the prayer marches to stop God’s punishment droughts state-wide in Texas being an example of that.

The Penn and Teller show just followed and recorded the events of the vote, they didn’t interfere one way or the other, they just took footage and interviewed people. The only reason I cited the show was as physical footage - proof that public schools in the south are and have been taught intelligent design aka — creationism, starting mid 1990s to mid 2000s and that those stickers do exist.


@Darth What about this influence on our children that has at least 7K children watching it? @Scott mentioned the secular progressive religion - which this is a perfect example of.

How will this affect them later on in life?

As in LGBTQ have nearly quadruple the suicide rate of straight people?

One seems oddly more life threatening wouldn’t you agree?


Yeah, a lot of people believe that. But it is very subjective, for a lot of others see it as improvement.


LGBT sexuality is far different than religion, however so long as sexual health exists as a class in public school, they need to release information on all types of sex, so that the kids who will have sex regardless if it’s taught can do it safely.


I’m am sorry but identity politics and the never ending creations of sexual deviation is most certainly a religion… And absolutely none of it is scientifically verifiable…

You mentioned above about teaching that science is somehow irrelevant to learning… It is when it is made up and when their is no foundation for its being taught…


Having sex safely isn’t the problem.

And in this case it is very similar to religion in your perspective saying that it is affecting our young impressionable children, while stuff like that youtube channel is being shoved down our throats with no one supposed to bat an eye at it, oddly only at religion apparently.

The problem isn’t their sexuality either, the problem is their death/suicide rate because they clearly have mental health/depression issues to begin with, and if it is that commonly found in LGBTQ then would it be unreasonable for me to pinpoint their unhappiness to the only remaining common factor that they all share?


To think that sexual education… as originally sold… was about reproduction… that is teaching the science of pregnancy so that children would have an alternative to abstinence only teaching… well… mission creep now has us teaching proper gender pronouns…