Is it a Bad Idea for Children to Learn About Religion in School?


@Scott @scarecrow still not a religion.

Further, we tried only teaching heterosexual sex practices in public school from 1970-1986, as a result of homosexuality not being taught, between 1970 and 1990 homosexuality was taboo and those people were ostracized and discriminated against and it increased incidents of homosexual rape of heterosexual people.

Since LBGT has started being taught in schools in the mid 90s, homosexual rape of heterosexual people is down 35% and sti/std incidents ratings for homosexuals has also dropped by 20%.


First of all… we still are waiting on the source gene being found and second gays lost me when they openly said that given the right circumstances they could ‘turn’ any heterosexual. Any ideology that professes its righteousness over another without proof is a religion of faith… You might technically get around that by saying that it is not at ‘recognized’ religion … but make no mistake, progressivism is a religion of good ideas… short on results…

P.S. The whole thing about assaults has to do with actual law enforcement and good governance not about normalizing an otherwise out on the long tail deviation from the norm…


If not unreasonable would it then be unreasonable for me to say we need to find and stop the bigger issue instead of taking stickers out of books?

Why can’t you understand what I am saying?

The problem is not them having intercourse that is killing them nor the fact of it not being taught.


I looked on the internet and could find no reference to your fact.

Please provide a source as I’m curious who did the poll.


No, but those damned stickers are in every science book in k-12 schools in the south. BRB - need to walk the dog.


He already said that is was his rather stilted and anecdotal opinion…


But then call it unreasonable and “propaganda” to have creationists say that all creation is all science and teaching that in a place where that is common belief?

We have gone over this, if the majority of a population is religious, the religion is going to be placed in their own government’s common core.

Unless you want to go make your own private school and write your own curriculum all about evolution. By all means, be my guest.


Reminder that this is a terrible debate and there is no such thing as ‘neutrality’ from an educational standpoint. No matter what you teach, it is guaranteed to be indoctrination.


Readin, Ritin and Rithmatic… you can’t go wrong sticking to those core subjects and it might actually prepare kids for college… where they could actually begin their indoctrination of choice.

As an adjunct I guess I would have to agree with you but when you put the indoctrination in the hands of a progressive central government, you are bound to screw up a society…


@scarecrow @Scott - I am basing my opinion off of US Constitutional law, which expressly forbids the teaching of any religion in a publicly funded facility or group. Prove to me how LGBT fits into this and is a violation of the Constitution and I will agree with you.

@scarecrow Intelligent Design is creationist religion based, it is religion. regardless of whether you want to teach it or not it’s against the law to do so in a public school.


Maybe you’ll run into a source or someone with more unverifiable facts.


Yes, I suppose you’re right.


Actually the constitution, until progressive got hold of it was relatively moot on the subject of education and in fact it never said that religious principles couldn’t be taught just that the state could prefer and make laws with respect to religion. A rather creative judiciary decided that if a public school had any affiliation with religion, it was crossing that boundary.

With respect to LGBT… I would say you are on no more provable ground with any one of those lifestyle choices than you are for the theory of creationism… and I can tell you from my understanding, anytime these life choices are promoted in a society… they tend to fail… is that not something that should be taught in school right along with the appropriate sexual protection? The rates for depression, obesity and suicide are far higher for these people in a relatively normalized society… do you really want to teach young children that which might destroy their future?


This of course would bring us to a second point… the progressive lefts strong opposition to alternative schools. Taxpayers whether through federal grants or property taxes pay for education. Is it right and proper for the state to decide how a child is indoctrinated without allowing alternate choice? School vouchers directly to parents solve this problem but is it opposed by those who, seemingly, are so insecure about 1) their platform (public school system) 2) the education delivered, that they are stalwart in their objections… why is that? They refuse to allow alternate opinions… say pursuing a gay life still is just that as their is no scientific proof to the contrary… thats not religious but somehow it gets billed almost as though it was.


You are yet to name one public school with this so called sticker. You have only listed private schools which have every right to do so because of the separation of church and state.

Because publicly funded schools are taught common core.


That’s why I cited the tv show, they show it getting instituted at a public school.

Here’s a recent example of a public school in Alabama getting the stickers on their biology textbooks.


All the religion clause means is that you can’t give favorable treatment to one particular religion over others.


As of yet he is yet to give any evidence of them doing so.


If these schools just extended their curriculum to a course about all world religions, that should be it fixed.


Nice try but if you read my post this is what I was referring to:

drought in Texas from 2008-2014; more than 60% of the population thought it was God’s plan

I looked on the internet and could find no reference to your fact.

Please provide a source as I’m curious who did the poll.