Is it a Bad Idea for Children to Learn About Religion in School?


You then have a problem with teaching values in public school?


What would your ‘stuck to academics’ approach to sex education look like? … would it include say… what constitutes a proper relationship?..or which sexual activity puts you more at risk of std’s?.. or one unprovable assumption is somehow more valid than another?


And I prefer they understand our Constitution noting the first and second Amendments !


That’s part of the academics that should be taught in school and once was, Civics. Seems both parties are satisfied for it to have gone by the wayside.


I think the progressive left have had a strangle hold on academia and the teachers that it produces for a very, very long time… their need for union protection and ‘tenure’ as a secondary school teacher against the regular objections of the right tend to corroborate that… and then of course are the college administrator that pander to the snowflake left so they can find safe spaces from hearing anything that goes against their sensibilities…

Then of course are Broadway plays like Hamilton that totally distort him and his philosophy and then try to justify the contorting of the constitution by using writings about a strong federal to justify just about everything under the sun as being part of the enumerated powers and the clearly unstated ‘implied powers’… I am afraid real civics went out the window with Wilson and FDR and were totally erased with LBJ…


NO! Theology does not belong in public schools, nor comparative classes or any other. They should be on a BAN list!


That’s pretty much what I would support.


Including secular theology?.. all religious regardless of the basis of their beliefs are a philosophy… and ideology and progressivism, as convoluted and fragmented as it appears is most certainly a god like worship of government. This creates a serious distortion in the ability of people to make individual judgment on things such as values and as the constitution says… ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…’

Can’t have it both ways by declaring your particular blind spot as sacred…


Schools should only teach fact and theory. Faith should not be in schools.


Tek for pres. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Thats right… and I think we can now take sex ed courses and cut their budgets by about 8/10ths… and we can kill sociology classes too… Teacher bias is what bothers me… it is most generally progressive in nature and communicates a considerable amount of disrespect for parents and as we have seen with many examples coming out of common core, rewrites history to send a rather negative view of their own country.

When you say ‘theory’… what do you mean… belief in anything unproven is in fact faith.


Many things in science are theory. String theory, many things in Physics…

Sex ED can GO!

I am of the personal belief that social sciences are needed and it should be taught in a neutral way.


This could be an interesting discussion… far to much bias in the classroom to discuss what a healthy functioning society should look like… like when they start advocating for the normalcy of same sex relationships… kind of deviates from the norm and moves well into speculation with respect to societies…

P.S… I’m not disagreeing with you by the way… I’m saying that both education and society are rather skewed at the minute.


Yest they are teaching that deviant behavior is actually the norm and the social mores of just 20 years ago were wrong! They are teaching hate!


Social mores are constantly changing. Those of 20 years ago would have been appalling to the gentry of the American Victorian era who’s social moorings would have caused the expiration of the puritan that went before.


True enough… the decline or indeed the creative system where moral values become relative is a slippery slope. Beyond a certain point and society finds itself beyond rehabilitation… that sort of happened in democratic decadence of Athens… and of course Rome… and even the Ottoman empire has its vices… Yes, values change… for some it is for the better and for some it is for the worse… and some people fail to heed the warnings of history.


Way to go , we finally agree on something .


Every once in a while the sun and moon align for a spectacular eclipse, too! :blush:




Yes Indeed…