Is it a Bad Idea for Children to Learn About Religion in School?


I think if you really dissect that which @Montecresto1 thinks should be retained in school, you would likely find a strong thread of progressive ideology in the way he thinks those subject should be presented… Agreement… not so fast.


I know he is extremely partisan and refuses to admit it but is quick to call others partisan . I think we can agree on what needs more attention in the classrooms and approach that from opposite points of view . Once the thinking students learn about our Constitution they will see how the democrats are systematically trying to re-write it . They will see how campuses are refusing to allow those with a more conservative point of view to voice their views even when invited by that very campus .


First you have to get past an awful lot of teachers who cling to the ‘enumerated powers’ have tentacles that reach far beyond their narrow message and of course those that have been convinced that even though the constitution makes no mention of them, that implied powers abound… Those two in light of a live grownup with all the ‘free’ that democrats have brought will take some considerable doing… and more parents would actually have to know more than it would appear currently exists in the general population (that bit that holds most of the votes)


Several points…

  • Science has literally become a religion for atheists. Science has many popular THEORIES. The Theory of Evolution/Gravity/Relativity… and so on. Science is indoctrinated in school. Organizations like NASA become churches for science. People believe this or that because they can’t prove otherwise themselves.

  • No, religion shouldn’t be taught in schools and neither should theories of science. It is up to parents to teach their kids and let them decide for themselves when they are old enough to think and make decisions.

  • At its core, Christianity is a belief in a creator and a personal relationship with God. Each man/woman must decide what they believe.

  • The foundation of man’s law is God’s law. We have a generation of people who are lost because God has been stripped away from society and replaced with do what thou wilt (Satanic, whether you believe it or not). Entertainment you consume is filled with Satanic imagery, symbolism, themes, lyrics and downright evil and perversion. Yet the new generation doesn’t see it because it is a societal norm.

  • I submit to you that this nation is turning into Sodom and Gomorrah because a moral base is absent. Christianity is a religion that brings to the forefront the character we should have in our hearts. People are so self centered and focused on themselves.

All of us can benefit from a religion that instills love for one another in each other’s hearts. School isn’t the place for that to be instilled, the home is.

I ask you… how can man love one another when we only love our selves? How is science going to fill that void?


Lmao, no religions on the planet instill love for one another. And there are no religions of peace. Religion is where the greatest of bigotry’s may be found.


Yes… we can certainly see that in the alterboys of BLM, Antifa and BAMN… and of course the people who mentor and guide them … and fund their good works…