Is it Republican Incompetence or Immorality?


Yes… I can see that liberals find contradiction easy to live with… I mean look and the high handed ambitions of the Great Society … and then look at the actual results… and that is a bit more than mere nuance…


I think not.

At one time I was a union member and a democrat and believed in redistribution and high taxation for some.

As I grew older I became more conservative and aligned more with the GOP.

Now years later I am solidly a conservative and an independent and realize the folly of the parties and the similarities to the point that there is little difference.

I would argue circumstance and accomplishment social standing, where you liv and it’s influences are factors that determine party affiliation or independence.

I would disagree with the article.
For example, conservatives respond to threatening situations with more aggression than do liberals.
Clearly prove wrong since the Trump election success.

People today tend to group together with others with similar beliefs allowing little room for questioning their beliefs. The cities are a perfect example of the herd theory.

In human societies, herding often involves people using the actions of others as a guide to sensible behavior, instead of independently seeking out high-quality information about the likely outcomes of these actions.