Is Jeff Sessions Really Part Of The Swamp...?


Or is the swamp so pervasive that any action Sessions would take could come back to harm a large number of establishment republicans?..


I saw him say that last night on Fox. Judge Jeanine almost had a coronary. :scream:

The swamp is so deep. So murky. So putrid. I commented on Twitter this morning that it’s stuff like this that’s giving Antifa more fuel :fuelpump:️ for their fire :fire:. It’s sad. But it’s true.


For me, Sessions is the biggest let down of this Administration. His predecessors were ruthless in carrying out Obama’s agenda. Sessions seems unwilling do the bare minimum that his job as AG requires. He needs to go.


Any news on the chief of staff newly hired at DOJ?

Apparently this guy is over Rosenstein and Mueller but if Sessions chose the guy then he is probably one of them but still hoping this is our loophole for justice - a girl can dream right?


What is it you’re wanting Sessions to do, prosecute Holder and Clinton?


Sessions’ real job is to restore our faith in the rule of law, starting with the DOJ and FBI

Moving to stop the SJW’s on university campuses, rounding up illegals in sanctuary cities, elimination of DOJ funding of lefty causes, all steps in the RIGHT direction…that must be taken.


I really liked Sessions, but as time went on things didn’t add up.I read an article that stated Sessions had a very close relationship with the Bushes, and Obama, & especially Michelle Obama is really tight with former President Bush. I am pissed that Sessions continues his recusal - which he is hiding behind, and refuses to go after Obama & his Adm, Hillary, and DNC. He is 1/2 ass AG. So far he has arrested 0 leakers, 0 unmaskers etc. He needs to go.


Sessions is the albatross around Trump’s neck. Like all of the GOPe clowns he has a lot of tough talk when the cameras are rolling and the microphones are on, but as soon as all of that is out of his face he takes his true form as a deep state bottom feeder.


What??? No administration will ever go after its predecessor.


It’s doubtful that any previous administration was as corrupt and criminal as the Obama administration.


Their is no trust in the government apparatus in particular the Justice Department and the FBI. We know that ‘she didn’t mean any ill intent’ is not a defense for mishandling government information. We know that fast and furious and the deaths of people around the world was illegal and if that stings some people in the bush administration so be it… we know that the meeting between Lynch and Clinton was highly inappropriate… we know that the IRS was politically weaponized… and we are getting ever closer to the realization that the Obama administration used the national security apparatus as a political tool… Clapper perjured himself as did Comey… I guess the short answer would be… Yes.


Well… Perhaps that needs to change… The faith that people have in government to function honestly is costing America its own identity, pride and cohesiveness… but then again, maybe thats the point.


That’s so very subjective, and typical commentary of the partisan. That’s what many people said of the Bush administration. But again, no administration is going after its predecessor.


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