Is Spain's Rajoy the new Lincoln?


Will he like Lincoln negate the natural law of secession?



Rajoy is not even as diplomatic as Lincoln however the Spanish constitution seems to be more clearcut than ours on the subject of secession.

Its a messy situation for everyone…especially in Brussels.


Next up… a revived Bask movement…


In other words once you sign up you can never leave.

Welcome to the Hotel California.


Yesterday, the Catalonian parliament declared independence from Spain; today, the central government in Madrid made good on its promise to impose direct rule on the region, firing the top tier of the government and the chiefs of the police force; Josep Lluís Trapero Álvarez, chief of the regional police force (Mossos d’Esquadra) has been charged with sedition for refusing to block polling places during the independence referendum earlier this week.

A general strike has been called for the coming week.

The central government has called regional elections on Dec 21.

There’s some good critical analysis of the situation today in Naked Capitalism, including the fact that it’s impossible to gauge the degree of support for independence in Catalonia today – while it’s never been a majority position, the heavy-handed violence and political shenanigans by the central government seem to have moved a lot of people from undecided to pro-independence.

The central government has yet to use finance in its battle against the independence movement: freezing the banks and shutting down payments “doesn’t generate dramatic video clips of thuggish behavior… it hits people in their wallets, often quickly.”

The EU has told Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy that they expect him to defuse the situation through “the force of argument rather than the argument of force,” but Rajoy has demonstrated a notable lack of facility with the force of argument and an enormous enthusiasm for “the argument of force.”