Is the migrant caravan turning back? (WAPO article)

according to this, the caravan is not going all the way to the US border!

(assuming I read this correctly…I am a little tired and etc…)

ok, i re-read it and it looks like some are still pressing on… well, at least some of those people have some sense. Maybe we should offer asylum to THOSE ones (if any, that is)

Frankly, I think even legal immigration needs to have a long pause …

as you may know, Trump is having the military put barbed wire fencing at the border

I am glad he is serious about not letting them put one foot over the border, at w hich time they will have the same rights as you and I… How that got to be law is way beyond me… Someone breaks the laws of a country to get in and that person has the same rights as citizens?

now, how can you be law and order with laws like THIS??!