Is this a job NO American wants?


So who wouldn’t want to be a chemistry professor ? Is this a job NO American would want ? We are lead to believe illegals only take jobs no-one is willing to do , NOT SO !!! It only took 30 plus years to deport him !

A chemistry professor who has lived in Kansas for 30 years was already flying back to his native Bangladesh when a federal immigration board issued a new stay of deportation that his supporters hope will allow him to return to the U.S., his attorneys said.


If the school receives FAFSA then they should be required to participate in E-verify. This man should have not been drawing pay illegally for 30 years. He has no right to work in this country.


And the fact we allow Affirmative Action and quotas puts them at the very top of the list when it comes to hiring . Minority businesses get government contracts even if they are the highest bidder , not long ago a black women was awarded a $156,000,000 contract to provide food and she had NO employees !!!


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been screwed by the small business set-aside. If a minority woman-owned company in a HUD zone applies for a contract all they need to do is supply a proposal that says they can do the job. Then you have to hire them or you are in violation of Federal Acquisition Regulations.