Is this really racism?


A sign declaring March to be “Stop Blaming White People Month!” has caused a fury in a New Jersey community – and prompted an investigation to find out who posted it.
In its entirety, the bright yellow and orange sign read, “MARCH is national Stop Blaming White People Month! Accept responsibility for your own bad choices. Hug a white person!”


Why is an investigation even necessary? No crime was committed.


Of course, this Blatant Racism…Everyone is responsible for their own.problems without being enabled by.the government.
It’s surprising BLM.hasn’t.protested this. Policaly Incorrect sign.


Yeah… I think their is some obsure statute about posting things in a U.S. Post office…

Depositing Literature

Depositing or posting of handbills, flyers,
pamphlets, signs, posters, placards, or
other literature (except official Postal Service
and other governmental notices and
announcements) on the grounds, walks,
driveways, parking and maneuvering areas,
exteriors of buildings, and other
structures, or on the floors, walls, stairs,
racks, counters, desks, writing tables,
window ledges, or furnishings in interior
public areas on Postal Service premises is
prohibited. This does not apply to the

a. Posting notices on employee bulletin
boards as authorized by 39 CFR 243.2.
b. Interior space assigned to tenants for
their exclusive use.
c. Posting of notices by U.S. Government-related

There is always a law… always.


wow that’s some wild shit, racism is a big problem in our day and specially with a lot of these white cops directly targeting black people. There is a case going on now where a bunch of white cops shit a black man and then after killing him, told the parents and family that they could not see the body, if that ain’t crazy…if we as citizens killed someone we ain’t keeping them from seeing the body and don’t let it be another cop…But more on this issue, I do notice that white people are still getting blamed for shit but honestly with some of the shit is going on, do you blame them for still doing that to us…I know that there are a lot of white people that don’t like other whites either but that is the problem with our race, we don’t stick together like blacks do…they care about each other and other people way more than I have ever seen a white person. I can remember several occasions where I was out trying to get money and white people would pass me by and not even look twice at me…you know who it was to help me, a black person. They helped me when no one else would…there is no solidarity in the white community, we don’t care about other people. When one of our own is in a bad position we don’t stick our necks out there to help them. I’m from down south and I grew up in poverty and lived in bad neighborhoods, projects , from one family to the next when I was growing up. So I understand and have seen first hand the effects of raciism in and out different communities. I have seen the police treat people of different races as if they were sub-human or something. Un-necessary targeting of black males because they look, dress and talk differently…Not every black male is a drug dealer and I hate and despise how people get treated…But I’m only one person living as a Caucasian cause I can never change the color of my skin, but I know that if I got cut and you got cut we would bleed the same color so really what makes me so different from you? What makes you so different then me? Racism among the people needs to stop, we don’t live in the time when racism and all the other things that came with that topic which I’m embarrassed as a white man with what my people (IF you want to call them that) have done to African American Race as a whole. But I hope that in the future we can find it in our hearts to end this issue and move forward as a people, a people of all races, all walks of live and from all classes of people.


You are making it sound like blacks are nothing but victims and every problem they have is somehow on white people. That’s the problem. It’s not a line sided issue. Blacks are some of the most openly racist people I’ve ever met. Do whites do bad stuff to blacks? Absolutely. Do blacks do bad stuff to whites? You know they do…and by a large margin. The difference is when a black does something wrong to a white person it’s because they are victims and they throw the race card. When a white person does something it’s automatically racism…even when it’s not.


Defending whites is a crime .


While I will agree with you that their are a lot of people that are blatant racists I doubt that you would agree with me that their are many racists in the minority communities as well.

Let me ask you a question (if you ever come back to answer it.) Do you believe that if their is a crime and the police are called that they should respond? If you say yes, can you tell me the amount of black on black murder that occurs in the US and if you think it is grossly out of wack to the percentage of blacks that live in the US. Police, many times white because they make up the bulk of the population, will more than likely respond to those crimes. Most of those crimes are crimes of violence. How would you be responding to confront a potential murderer?

You are right, racism between people needs to stop… but until the minority community start admitting that they are most definitely part of the problem no on will drop their guard. With respect to racism created by whites, I would suggest that you look to the people who have made our laws… to democrats who created laws that go against the Consitution and create division and create ‘protected classes’ and at the same time keep those people in poverty… Look at the most poverty ridden cities in America… which party has run those cities for decades. You have bought into the ‘peace and love’ BS and it is created to divide… you are part of the problem and you don’t even know it.


Well they don’t come anymore racist then blacks .


Well… there are some pretty hateful white folk too…


Who would have a better chance of a beating , a black walking in an all white neighborhood or a white walking in a all black neighborhood ? Where is the most dangerous place to be at night in any City ? MLK Blvd !!!


I’d have to say that bitter white folk haven’t been concentrated into some of the most economically and socially deprived intercity areas and kept in check be democrats who ‘care’ either. That concentration and that depth of poverty is no accident.


Well liberals found a fix for that too , it’s called BELMONT ! This program allows the very poor to move into middle class neighborhoods and the taxpayers pay the difference . Most working families can NOT afford to live there but the very poor can .