ISIS is "militarily defeated"


You wont see this on the news

The leaders of Iraq and Iran both declared the terrorist group ISIS defeated militarily in Iraq and Syria.
Iraqis and Syrians, with assistance from the US and other regional militias, took their countries back from the terror group that declared its sovereign territory in the summer of 2014.
ISIS still has territory in countries around the world but has been brutally disrupted by a US-backed bombing campaign and advancing ground forces.

Iraqi Prime Minister Hadir Al-Abadi declared military victory over the Islamic State in Iraq on Tuesday, just hours after Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced that Iranian-backed forces had driven the terror group out of Syria.

ISIS’s last Iraqi town of Rawa fell on Friday, and Abadi only awaits the clearing of a patch of desert along Iraq’s border with Syria to declare final victory. Iran posted pictures of one its most famous military leaders in a Syrian border town, indicating Iranian-backed forces had driven the terror group out of the country.

Combine, the two statements from the two leaders amount to long-awaited news: ISIS’s territory in Iraq and Syria is gone; the terror group has been defeated.

But ISIS still controls territory in as many as a dozen other nations, as Libya, Afghanistan, the Philippines, and much of Africa battle their own ISIS cells or ISIS-linked terror groups.

merely a year from his election, thanks to the Commander-in-chief and our brave soldiers.


Come to think of it, we have heard very little from ISIS lately. I’d hate to be the pessimist, but it doesn’t matter if we destroy “ISIS” in the long run because terrorism will still exist, just under a different name. That’s all they know. Have to go after the root cause of terrorism. We all know what that is.


Let me guess, its bc the Saudi Arabia is in a regime change and they are cleaning house rn?


I was just going to say Islam, but wanted to be less obvious about it.


Hahaha, and i was afraid to go after the obvious.


As an Army perhaps, as a terrorist organization, not even close.


Yep , they call themselves REFUGEEES now !


Couldn’t have been done without the help of unpaid US veterans. I have two former battle buddies who went over after they couldn’t find jobs and the VA wouldn’t help. You never hear about them getting credit.


ISIS is just packing up and moving to Canada thanks to cuck boy Trudeau.


The leaders of Iraq and Iran both declared the terrorist group ISIS defeated militarily in Iraq and Syria.

Iraqis and Syrians, with assistance from the US and other regional militias, took their countries back from the terror group

Funny, it’s iraqi and Iranian forces with other regional militias that have fought the Islamic State and taken back their territories (with some help from the US) and made this declaration, but this board gives the credit to the TIC. Now along with a majority of the rest of Americans I take a hearty laugh at that. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Well beyond the ‘limited’ assistance that the US gave :roll_eyes: I would suggest that had Trump not gone nose to nose with Putin over US operational Air Space, Rakka would still be an ISIS stronghold. Let us not forget that it was without the assistance of the US military that Iraq gifted to ISIS most of its military hardware… previously supplied by the US. Irag didn’t take it back by themselves… You love to dog America don’t you?


NOT Obama !! :roll_eyes: Why couldn’t your hero Obama handle this " J V TEAM " ? :laughing::laughing::laughing:when will you seek help for your affliction ? TDS can be cured with daily doses of reality ! Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) Symptoms include delusional ranting and a feverish flop sweat, causing some to weep uncontrollably, and need to be directed to the nearest safe space or containment zone. Some spontaneously combusting upon hearing Trump’s name, while others like Stevie John find the need to post stupid shit and always fails to provide evidence . Quack ,quack ….:wink:


Perhaps we have more skin in the game than you know… perhaps we don’t… Perhaps they are being allowed to do their jobs for the first time in a decade…

I wonder… how many Iraqi troops does it take to make one highly trained and well equipped US soldier?..



It’s nice that Russia is touting the success… they have spent the better part of their energy propping up Assad against those who oppose him rather than directly engaging ISIS…


Couldn’t have been done without Russia. Supporting their ally in the Middle East, and preserving their warm water port Tarsus. The US has been illegally operational in Syria since the beginning of the conflict, actively working to overthrow President Assad. Russia has greater interest in his survival and has proven that it’s not negotiable.


Awe… you do love your Ruskies don’t you? … I would say that you have said far kinder things about russia than you ever have about the United States of America… US would have done will to push ISIS out of Iraq and directly into Syria now that would have been interesting…


And who has been the commander in chief for the past 8 years before president Trump? Did the russian hack your mainframe, illiterate bernie bot?


There’s no Islamic terrorism in Latin America!! What’s the difference??? You probably paid no attention to OBL’s open letter to America in 1999.


Latin America still has some very strong family’s and communities rooted in Judeo Christian values… wonder when and how we strayed from building our own cohesive communities to destroying our own families and trying to force our neo-democracy down the throats of everyone else…

Oh yeah… Latin America hasn’t set out a goal of destroying their culture by importing millions who are diametrically opposed to the Christian faith either… They understand, each and every country in South America, that they have unique and special cultures and aren’t particularly interested in cultural suicide…