ISIS is "militarily defeated"


Just say USFP, the root cause of much of the Islamic extremism seen today.


Obama owns the mess that is Syria today. Without authorization from the UN or congress he spent six years interfering in Syrian affairs, supporting elements (infested with AQ, al Nusra and other extremists) that were working to overthrow President Assad. It’s no wonder that Russia intervened and will have the extremists mopped up and Assad fully in control again. How might the US respond if Russia was supporting an insurgency in Israel attempting to topple their government. The best thing that Trump could do now is concentrate on Islamic extremists and leave Assad alone or leave at once and let Russia finish it up.


I don’t often agree with you, but I do on this. I’ll add for those of you who think we should back regime change- Assad, for all his faults, is the only thing between the Allouites, Shia, and Yazidi- and extermination by Sunnis. That is what this revolt has been about since the beginning.

Our news media created a narrative just after Assad’s forces were videoed dumping bodies off bridges. Once in place, no one dared question it. It is an enormous lie.


Assad’s “faults” had little/no affect on us. The Christian community was safe in Syria. Like Gaddafi, Mubarak and Hussein, Assad gave no quarters to Islamic extremists. USFP is responsible for the creation and expansion of the Islamic State. Good for the American defense industry.


Well… I think that the Arab Spring had as much to do with Obama’s plan for ‘Hope and Change’ as it did with any long running foreign policy…


That would be thanks to Russia, Iran and Iraq.


Western countries, including those in the Americas that are allowing Muslim ISIS fighters back in their countries will be responsible for the next stage of terror attacks. The excuses are, it is hard to find evidence against them.The Qur’an (aka the hate bible) alone is enough to ban Islam .


Then we’d have to ban the adherents of the original hate bible.


Who’s that? The Jews?


It would certainly include them.


ANYONE who would tell you that they believe in the Trinity doesn’t… that narrows your list considerably. What is the Trinity you ask?..


Aren’t you glad John boy is is back spreading all his fake news, fake fact nonsense laced with his opinion?


Im pretty sure that “montecresto1” is a shared account between all of the prominent lefties on here, such as “critialthunker1” and “suparProgressive”. On the thread where this illiterate bernie bot shows up, they dont, and vice versa.


Muslim extremists had no opportunities to organize and fund themselves while Hussein, Mubarak, Gaddafi and Assad maintained full control of their countries. It’s the ME policies of western nations that has CREATED THIS PROBLEM but nobody wants to deal with that root cause, here or in Washington.


We did, Obama is out, and Hillary stayed out.


The TIC has a couple thousand troops in Syria. Russia came into Syria for the singular purpose of propping up their ally. They directed their attention towards the greatest threat to Assad which was the “so called moderates” funded, trained, equipped and managed by USSF’s who were working to overthrow President Assad. They recently declared that they are now mopping up the remaining Islamic State fighters and predict this will be over with Assad in full control of the country again in 2018.


Funny how you always turn the dagger back to the current president under the guise of “muh hyper non-partisanship”

Bc withdrawing troops willy-nilly like Obama did sure wont create another power vacuum like the one that created Isis. After listening to the people on the battleground and his commanders, he made the decision, and this thread is about small victories like such. Obama killed one man (supposedly) and got superfluous praise for it, Trump got the entire terrorist org. reduced to a peddle and … radio silence?



Um no. Western interference for a century now is responsible for the anti-west sentiment within some few elements of Islam.



Was it the same moron who’s sent troops to Africa?


I’m not at all surprised.

The TIC sends troops to Africa.