ISIS Prisoner About To Be Executed Fights Back And Steals AK-47


Muslims often bring prisoners out into the desert, with their weapons and a camera, to execute those who they have found guilty of some nonsensical charge. But this prisoner wasn’t going to accept his fate peacefully!

Three men were forced to their knees. Everything was going as planned, until one of the hostages head-butted a terrorist, took his weapon away from him, and opened fire!

Although the footage turns muggy as the camera appears to have been dropped, one can assume that the cameraman was hit based on his grunts of pain.

It’s unclear whether the prisoner was successful in his escape or not, but one thing IS clear: this man was not going down without a fight.

This brave man was outnumbered, but that did not matter one lick to him. It is pretty clear, given his choices, if he was going to die, it was going to be on his terms and not at the hand of a cowardly terrorist.

At the very least, he is giving people that live under the rule of ISIS. These cowards will execute someone for the simplest expression of freedom, and that is simply unacceptable.

This man was incredibly brave. Many would be too frozen with fear to even move in this situation, lest they be shot early. These types of executions are common in areas under ISIS’s control, and that fact is a deep tragedy.

This is why Donald Trump is calling for an end to ISIS. Obama ignored their brutal takeover for far too long. With the help of Russia, we will send Islamic militant groups to meet their maker, and I don’t think they’ll have any virgins waiting for them.

Now that we have an American President who is dedicated to protecting the American people, as well as the rest of the world, from the terrorists, we will fight. If we have to, we will go down swinging. Either way: Islamic terrorism is going down!

If this man can stand up to ISiS under these conditions, think about what our country can do them together with our allies if liberals ever stop their ridiculous protests and allow President Trump to get to work!


That was awesome. I hope that guy made it out alive, but even if he didn’t at least he didn’t go down without a fight. Sounds like the camerman took one too. Good. We need to see more videos like this.


I’ve always wondered why when someone is about to get executed by these animals they don’t do something to at least make sure their death can’t be used for propaganda purposes. By now, I don’t care who you are or where you live, everyone knows what happens when ISIS brings you out to the middle of nowhere with weapons and a film crew. At least do something to ruin their video.


what a bigoted BS statement lumping all Muslims into this. no different than the ignorance and hate the Nazis did or the Facists. now this source whomever it is.

the story is one thing.

the hatred against all Muslims is another. and that is not acceptable and it is inappropriate to post such hate no different than posting anti-Semitic hate or anti-Christian hate.

is it lack of education?

is it lack of thought or consideration?

is it a desire to post something provocative for personal attention?

or did the poster simply not realize the meaning of the words chosen?

I cant answer that.

but I can tell you that the more we accept such language the closer we move to those we say we fight against…we become them…and threads like this move us closer to being them…you know that right?

and you don’t care???

that…my friend s should scare the crap out of all of us…it really…really should. this isn’t a freaking football game to cheer on…we are defining what our civilization will be depending on how we respond to these attacks.

and if we cant recognize and separate the religious hate, the racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, bigotry and hate…if we think this is OK …WE are the ones who are FU@#ED UP.

and we can never long persevere like that.

no one can. we will become so paranoid and consumed by our own hate which will turn to willful ignorance that we will consume and consume until we consume our own heads. and then it is all over.

WE are our own worst enemy. And that should scare the bejesus out of every one of you. It certainly does me.

stop the insanity. no attack or excuse justifies it. you are becoming those you say are bad people.


We really need to kill them all. Every jihadist. They will be happy in paradise with their virgin goats.


We are at war with Muslims. They are allowed to use lies and deception to fool the infidels. It’s part of their religion. You need to do some more research and stop with the emotional talking points. Muslims are fooling us with immigration to force us to convert to Sharia law. You can read what these Muslims scholars say!


Why the personal attack?



there is no legitimate rationale that makes it ok to go to war with an entire ethnic or religious group.

and it should be called out wherever such (fill in the blank) raises its head.

that it bothers you is good.


Your team is the Patriots, not the Patronizers.

We are at war with the concepts of a religion that are at war with modern civilization. The majority of Muslims here in the US would probably be called apostates in Saudi Arabia, as it is quite rare when one kills his daughter for family ‘honor’. The problem is that the more devout a Muslim becomes, the more hostile to western thought he/she becomes. Silvio Berlesconi had it right- Islam is not compatible with the modern world.

That may not be PC, but it is accurate.


we are not.

no again. the moer EXTREME ANY person of ANY belief becomes the more hostile they become to ANYONE who does not believe as they do.

this sint just about the west @docgreen probably 99% of all who are fighting and dying are MUSLIMS.

its not either.

In every discussion there are basic facts that should be agreed upon because these are the undeniable realities, unquestioned.

One is we are not at war with Muslims. We are at war with extremists who most happen to be Muslims we are not at war with ALL of Islam.

To suggest such is simply wholly untrue.

If that is your story, then there is no discussion. Only a likewise extremist would suggest attacking an entire ethnic or religious group as making sense and the America I know doesn’t want those kinds of people here no matter who they are.

We are at war with them for they promote fear based on half truths misrepresentation fake news and lies and THEY are our real enemy.

some may not like that truth but it is the truth.


I still wonder about the progressives hatred of Christianity specifically when it comes to women’s rights. Yet Muslims treat women like 2nd class citizen or even worse in some cases like slaves. How can you defend women from one religion yet give a pass to the other religion which currently treats women so horribly.


Then why do Muslims do it…globally?


they don’t do it globally.

5-7 MILLION live very peacefully in the United States now. over a BILLION more around the world. Your accusation isn’t true.

using the opinion of a few extremists relative to the 1.5 BILLION population to try to falsely paint an entire demographic is akin to well…what you just did.

where I come from we call that…malarkey.


I guess you have never heard of the global salafi jihad.