ISIS Propaganda Video Proves White Helmets Work for ISIS and Al-Nusra


Here is a propaganda video put together by ISIS featuring John Cantile as the investigative reporter. This is the same John Cantile who was kidnapped with James Foley and “remains a hostage” according to most news sources.

In the video we see a couple of things:

  1. White Helmets operating exclusively in ISIS controlled areas and at the direction of ISIS.

  2. White Helmet uniforms, helmets, and signs in a bombed out ISIS headquarters building.


They are 100% linked to the terrorists. Stupidly, the US and EU give them millions of dollars annually and SJW film makers glorify them in documentaries. Also proof that leftists don’t truly fact check or investigate anything.


They don’t hide the fact that they are funded by Western governments either. How absolutely STUPID are our lawmakers?!? That’s a rhetorical question.


I’m so sick and tired of these Muslim animals taking advantage of Western culture and society all to advance their sick and twisted death cult. We need to stop funding these White Hat terrorists, bomb the shit out of ISIS, and kick every Muslim out of this country.


I’m sick and tired of the sick and twisted people who embrace these… ‘people’ as being something complementary to civil society… Good thing is, they will eventually loose their heads or get use to sticking their ass in the air 5 times a day… bad thing is, I will have already lost mine…


To all points made and to the larger point about giving money to these terrorists, be sure to let Rand Paul know your support his proposal and push your Senators to support it as well. That’s the only way funding to these groups will ever stop. It’s too bad we need legislation for this. It should be common sense.