Israel Cuts $6 Million to UN Over Settlement Vote



This story got me wondering. How much does the U.S. pay the United Nations?



And that 8 billion could be used to get our democratic Cities back a period of stability and lawfulness and we can build a wall and provide top notch border control .


Yeah, and look at how much we pay compared to everyone else.


I don not recognize the United Nations as having any legitimate authority anywhere in the world. Without the US bankrolling them they would cease to function. We can crush the UN simply by cutting our funding in half. I would like to see all UN funding eliminated but that would be a distraction politically. Instead, we can just make them hurt by contributing just one percent more than Japan - which would still mean that we are the largest contributor to the UN.


While far from perfect the UN provides a vital function to member nations as a venue to air disputes and make world policy.

eliminating it w/o a equal or better replacement is just stupid.

this move by Israel is a slap in the face and should be met by the Security Council voting punitive measures equal to treble damages.

Israel gets 3 BILLION FREE CASH every year from the US and pulls this crap???

I support the defense of israel by the US but when they act as a petulant child and should be treated as such.


I rarely agree with you, and on this I do. Israel’s been playing the US for a long time.


alright…who are you …and what did you do with doc?