Israel Refuses to Return Bodies of Hamas Fighters


Israel’s security cabinet decided Sunday not to return the bodies of Hamas fighters killed by Israeli forces to their families, but to bury the remains itself.

The cabinet made its decision after Hamas posted a video mocking Israeli soldier Oron Shaul who was killed in Gaza in 2014. Hamas took custody of his body and that of a second soldier, Hadar Goldin.

Hamas has refused to surrender the bodies.

The video shows a mock birthday party for Shaul, complete with a cake, a baby’s lullaby, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s face superimposed on a clown.

Israel’s Channel 10 quotes Shaul’s angry and distraught parents as saying “We have already given up on the things the Israel government says on the matter, and we are waiting for operative actions… Nothing has changed and we are waiting for the prime minister to take a leadership decision and bring home from war Oron Shaul.”

There has been no reaction so far from Hamas.

Israel’s security cabinet met to talk about how to retrieve the bodies of the two soldiers and two other Israelis who are being held captive after crossing into Hamas-controlled Gaza on their own last year.

Netanyahu’s office says the cabinet came up with a plan to bring back the Israelis, but gave no details.


Israel’s basic approach to the Palestinians is to clamp-down ever more tightly.

We all know the horror of “mowing the lawn.” We all know that the Israeli strategy in the WB is (pick your term) deportation/elimination/cleansing of the indigenous population with the end of annexation.

We know that Israel dropped fleshettes on civilians in Gaza, including on children as they were leaving school. Some Israeli commentators, notably Miko Paled, have called the targeting of children leaving school the “darkest day” not in Israeli history, but in Jewish history.

To my mind the overarching mistake that Israel makes is this: Israel, by clamping-down ever more strongly, creates a pressure cooker.

In the past when a kid threw a rock at Israeli soldiers the Israelis knocked on the the kid’s family’s door in the middle of the night, demanded the family leave the house, and razed the family home. Now the Israelis are going to go a step further and jail the parents (that is the bread winners) of kids who throw rocks. There are no two ways about it: Israel’s government has decided to target Palestinian children.

The previous intifadas were fought with rocks and fueled by world of mouth.

The nascent intifada brewing right now is being fought with knives and is fueled by social media.
It is a matter time, I think, until a Palestinian gets a machine gun and Israel has its own Port Arthur massacre. It’s a matter of time until a tech savvy kid buys a $2000 helicopter drone on Amazon or elsewhere on the internet and with it drops a grenade on assembled Israelis.

Israel’s policies, in my opinion, only make matters worse.

And, as Israel’s policies get ever more brutal, the world is taking notice and losing patience.


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