Israel Trying To Shut Down Al Jazeera


First they try and make it illegal to boycott their companies. Now they are trying to shut down a news organization because they are covering the protest.
And people wonder why there is so much animosity towards Zionist Israel. Of course they want to pass it on as anti-semitism.
Ridicule that is deserved isn’t bias/racism or another thing they try to claim it as…


Seems like today’s strategy is to shut down your opponents voice… although I will say, Al Jazeera does to a pretty good job of not only biasing the news but putting pretty good spin on it to.

RT is an interesting one… I presents articles that, by and large are true but they tell all the bad things about the US and all the good things about Russia. If you listen, the US is the most unfair hell hole in the world while Russia is the purveyor of the civilized world…


Every Western Country should, it is just a platform for glorifying terrorism…IMO


At this point I think that most major news organizations have some level of bias. The more bias things become the greater the backlash will be. Al Jazeera is known for pushing a pro-Islamic anti-Western message, but the state of Israel is known for politically pushing a Zionist nationalist message that puts anyone and everyone who is critical of that message in their cross hairs.


Yeah, but Israel is full of shit though. You have to at least recognize that. It’s an entire country that perfected playing the victim.


And getting a whooollleee lot of US money and power by doing so. They are the ultimate progressives, even though they are hated by progressives.