Israel, up to no good; looking for love in all the wrong places



The current Qatar-Gulf crisis has offered Israel a golden opportunity to normalise its presence in the region, undermine the Palestinian cause and deliver a diplomatic blow to the Islamic Resistance movement, Hamas, analysts say.

Under the pretext of fighting “terrorism”, the anti-Hamas, anti-political Islam coalition seems to be emerging with the Saudi-led bloc and Israel at its heart, they added.
Researcher and expert on Israeli affairs, Antoine Shalhat, believes that Israel’s rapid adoption of the Saudi position confirms that the two countries share Israel’s vision on regional developments and the Palestinian cause.

Shalhat told Al Jazeera that Israel is hoping to make political gains from the Gulf crisis and the blockade on Qatar by weakening Hamas and undermining its influence in the Gaza Strip, and demonising it in the Arab world under the pretext of “terrorism”.

He added that the Saudi attack on Hamas and its portrayal of the movement as a “terrorist organisation” serves the Israeli agenda and is consistent with Israel’s goal to eliminate the Palestinian cause.


An anti semitic. Another form of racism.

Truly the left are the ultimate in racists.

Bet your cheering this too:
Christian church DESTROYED as Chinese police drag worshippers into street and beat them


Here is what I see. The Saudi organized campaign against Qatar poses a serious risk to the stability of the Gulf and the Middle East. The tensions are long standing and the risks for unforeseen escalation are high. It is not receiving much attention and I would wonder who in the current government is really fit to deal with such an issue. We are intimately involved militarily, diplomatically and economically with the Gulf States. I fear this could be a trigger for a much broader conflict if it is not handled quickly and successfully.


You mean like that little thing that started in Libya and burned its way all the way to Syria?? I guess that president was too busy palleting cash deliveries to Iran to notice… If their is anything that is destabilizing the middle east it is Iran… but deep in your heart you know that but to admit it would also mean having to admit that your Messiah is the one who lit the match…


Israel is the source of instability in the M.E. and in the USA…


LOL, Who would have thought Israel assisted in the over throw of the legal government,ent of Egypt and Libya. Oh wait it wasn’t;t Israel but Barack Obama’s meddling.