Israhell is not your friend


Was just surfing and, with perfect timing, came across this.
"The Problem In The Middle East Began With The Creation Of The State Of Israel"


Of course it would asking a Muslim. ’

Don’t tell anyone but there have been Jewish people in the middle east for 4000 years.


Can I ask, again, where you got the 670 mil Islamic murders from…
Have you ever heard of the black death…
The Black Death is estimated to have killed 30– 60 % of Europe’s total population. In total, the plague may have reduced the world population from an estimated 450 million down to 350–375 million in the 14th century.
So in 14th C the world pop was 450m est - Ok so where were the 670m that the moslems killed.
That figure is abt as credible as the 6mil Jews ROFLMFAO


Don’t be daft, Islam can’t stand itself. Muslims kill more muslims than anything else


That statement alone defines you.


I refer to the answer I provided earlier


Yep no argument from me on that one - but there never was an Israel til 1947


You can call it a label if you want but the fact is if we are talking about abortion for instance, the sex of the individual making a particular point matters… You were simply asked if you were a muslim… the answer would have informed the discussion… I didn’t attempt to label you… society does that pretty effectively to everyone but I wouldn’t expect anyone to understand my point of view without having some idea what informs my opinion. Your getting upset by the questions says more about your sensitivities than mind… and that is a fact.


But then you already know that the archaeological data disagrees with your uneducated & unresearched opinion


Yep but your math sucks so I can’t accept your first answer I’m afraid


And the middle east has been in turmoil for centuries.

The conflict between Jewish Israelis and Islamic Palestinians begins around late 19th century with the rise Arab nationalism in response to British colonization of the Ottoman Empire.

But you can continue your beliefs as they are strictly your beliefs.


Here it is in cartoon format, for the mentally challenged.


Here it is, right from the Wooden Horses mouth …
(((Barbara Spectre))) married to a Rabbi, talking about the Swedish utopia she’s planned for Sweden and the rest of Europe, where “Jews will be at the center of this [white genocide]”


I know you don’t, but then you have a history of being Islamic terror appologist


Perfect for you then


You really need to improve your English comprehension skills.
On a number of occasions I have stated that I hate all religions - Anyone with a reasonable understanding of the English language would deduce from that, that I am not a practising Muslim on that statement alone ergo I am not a Muslim. What is so difficult for you to understand in that statement.


Awww, did I hurt your feely-feels with some inconvenient facts?

Now, back to your keyboard in whatever Hasbara office you’re at.



Not in the slightest, it would take someone with a considerably greater intellect than yours to even get close, my little buailteoir feola. But keep trying, you never know, you might get lucky




Oh yes, it must be the glasses in your dp, you’re a high IQ Hasbara warrior, no doubt.