Israhell is not your friend


Israel was created in 1947 - FACT


He’s talking about the Jewish settlements that predate the 1947 invasion.

Apparently, Israeli apologists constantly confuse a land purchase from the Ottoman’s to be a claim on their being a sovereign Nation.


If you say so, thanks


There is absolutely no achaeological evidence to support the state of Israel anywhere FACT


You need to read some of my earlier responses to you on this subject, you might learn some facts


I don’t know what place you sprang from but don’t be too surprise at the fact that I do not have you on a ‘follow him’ list. You may have repeated this mantra to yourself on many occasions be when I made my original comment, after laboriously reading back through all of your comments, you have only made such a statement… once… Yes, I know it is hard to believe that I would miss it and hey… this is YOU we are talking about. But you will forgive me for not giving you my undivided attention since you have been here a very long time of what… ah… 19 days and spread your immenseness on what… 2 threads? Now that you have cleared up that you are not a Muslim… you should really reevaluate your belief in and dedication to religion… you have one, its just so internalized you don’t recognize it for what it is… As I am sure you are likely to respond, I will tell you now, I am bored… but go ahead… some people will always want the last word.



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I’m not Jewish or even know anyone Jewish. I’m Christian…what I do know is that God said himself that the Israelites/Jews were his chosen people. I don’t know why he choose them and yes, throughout history they have made the wrong decisions over and over again. God never changes his mind or character. He was, is and always will be a JUST God. I’m not going to question anything he has said or promised. My goal is to be as obedient as I can to him for the love that he has showed me. The Jews will have to answer to God in the end for how they choose to ignore him but as for here and now…I’m doing as I’m told.


Your comprehension has let you down again - I didn’t ask where the bodies were found, I asked what happened to them.
Ok so lets assume they were cremated…
It takes abt 6 hours to cremate a body - there were only abt 4 or 5 ovens found in the ‘death’ camps and they weren’t very efficient by modern standards, but lets assume they somehow managed to burn through 200 a day(something I think is very unlikely). Now its math time again
200.00 per day x 365.00 days(1yr) =73,000.00 bodies per year 6,000,000.00 divided by 73k = 82.19 years
So it would have taken 82 years to cremate all of the bodies - hmmm see why I’m confused?
Those photos were just that, photos, not evidence of anything - none of them can even be proven that they were taken at the death camps.
It has been proven, however, that a lot were taken at Soviet Gulags or were actually of Germans from US Rhine meadow POW camps.


Think about what you just posted and ask youself a few questions?
What sort of Christian are you? Hitler type, ok to rape children type or Spanish inquisition type(refer to my previous post).?
Nobody knows what god said about anything so how do you know what he said about Jews?
You presume that there is a god - can you prove it to me?So you are obedient to your god? How exactly does he tell you to do stuff? Voices in your head maybe like Charles Manson? God I hope I never meet you in a dark alley LOL
Have you never wondered who really wrote the bible - maybe it was the Joos.
Jesus warned us abt the Joos and false prophets - its him you should listen to not GAWD ffs


I’m done…There’s no hope for you. Believe what you want. I wish I could say I didn’t feel sorry for you, but I can’t because I already know what is to come for someone like you…


I’m flattered that you read all my posts- please keep it up - I would so miss your peurile inputs.


Please please don’t go I shall really miss your insightful rants.


Your lack of research and lack of intellect leads me to the conclusion that your assumptions and opinions are utterly worthless.

Fact - Topf & Söhne manufactured, equipped and installed Auschwitz and other camps with ovens capable of incinerating 8,000 bodies each day. Now I’ll let you do the maths on that one


Then humor some exegetics.

First land purchase in the Bible: MACHPELAH … a burying place for Abraham’s kin.
Last land purchase in the Bible: AKELDAMA … a burying place for Strangers.

Who exactly are the ‘Strangers’ referred to in this most important of all land purchases in human history, bought with Temple Treasury taxes declared to be ‘blood money’ by the Jewish Priesthood?

Is a King the Sovereign over the land of the chosen while living, or dead?

If a King is only Sovereign over a ‘Burying place for Strangers,’ who would he be sovereign over?

Let me give you some really important advice, since you claim to be a Christian. Your interpretation of the Bible is not what is in the mind of God. You don’t speak for God. Be very careful before you attribute truth to your own readings of God’s word, especially the nature of the ‘State of Israel.’

FACT: The majority of Jews in ‘Israel’ are atheists and most so called ‘religious’ Jews, on examination, will admit they don’t believe in a personal God but rather Judaism is an ethnic and cultural ‘religion’ to them. Furthermore, Israel is the Gay ‘Pride’ parade capital of the Middle East. God’s ‘chosen’ have brought Sodom and Gomorrah back to the land with them, which no Christian or Muslim dared to bring into this land.

“Indeed I will make those of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not, but lie—indeed I will make them come and worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you.” - REV 3:9

Be very careful who exactly you call an ‘Israelite’ or a ‘Jew,’ especially if you are venturing to defend imposters who mock and target the Church today just as they’ve been doing for 2000yrs.


So where did you dig that little snippet up from ’ The Beano’


It is the case, that the extent of your literary consumption is mere comic books, but please don’t judge others by your own poor standards. You should try some real research, it would seriously lessen your effortless ability to constantly present yourself as totally stupid.

Clue - German public records, Topf testimony


First of all I said nothing about purchased land I was speaking of what was given to them by God.

Second…in order to even interpret the bible you must first be endowed by the Holy Spirit which is God.

Third…your fact just concurs with what I said about the Jews disobedience towards God.

Fourth… The only think that I was defending was the word of God and what he has told us to do …

Do you think Winston Churchill is unrightfully glorified?