Israhell is not your friend


Your answer here speaks volumes regarding your understanding of the Bible. If you don’t understand the importance of the Akeldama (potters field) purchase, and how it pertains to God’s ability to dictate who his chosen are, and to what exactly they are entitled, then what was the point of the New Covenant?

Correct. But if you come upon multiple people claiming to be endowed with the Holy Spirit, each holding different interpretations, obviously some are in error. Far be it for me to judge which one was actually in error, all I can do is point out where I believe the disconnect between a fellow and the Word happens to be. Your disconnect happens to be your understanding of what the Promise actually was … apparently it is a Land Covenant, but is this a land for the Living, or the Dead? That’s where exegetics comes into play.

There’s nothing new under the Sun. So if they were not in fulfillment of Covenant and not deserving of a Promised Land at the incarnation, how, pray tell, is the Nation of ‘Israel’ today to be deserving of Christian favor? It isn’t. The cursing of the Fig Tree is a pretty clear summary of the fate of that nation, not bearing fruit and NEVER to bear fruit again.

This is impossible without a correct interpretation and a solid contextual understanding of what the land of ‘Israel’ represents, historically, and eschatologically.

There is no Dual Covenant, just one Covenant, which tracks a single Circumcision … now of the heart, not of the flesh, which is for the burying place.


Ok I’ll post some research for u coz u obviously aren’t capable of seeing past the Joo-ish propaganda.

The blueprints for the crematorium at Auschwitz I show that there were three ovens when the crematorium was in operation

Does that look like it could cremate 8000 bodies in a year let alone a day

So let me get this straight - first the Germans gassed 8000 Joos per day, then they moved 8000 dead bodies from the gas chambers to the crematorium and incinerated them - not sure what fuel they used tho, maybe it was CalorGas?


Wish I could conjur up such witty comments - well done - keep it up


Fred Leuchter explained in detail that the supposed gas chambers at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek could not possibly have been used to gas people as alleged.


There is no end to your stupidity. I provide you with the details of designer, manufacturer and installer of the ovens and point you towards the testimony of the owner of the company who states the capacity was 8000 bodies per day as well as public records and you still won’t bother to research the facts. I’ve had enough of your stupidity


Think abt it - explain to me the logistics of gassing then incinerating 8000 ppl a day - how did the furnaces work what fuel did they use?
If they were killing 8000 per day - why did they even need bunk beds It would have been much more efficient to take them straight from the trains to the swimming pool, maybe via the football pitch and then the gas chamber - don’t ya think.
Do you even see the inconsistency in your argument???


You have so aptly demonstrated that you simply don’t have the intellect to understand facts, data or physics


This is a picture of the actual Topf and Sons gas chamber delivered to Dachau - Is this capable of burning 8000 Joos?


That is why I keep asking dumb questions because I ‘‘know I know nothing’’, unlike you who knows everything I defer to your superior knowledge and hang on every word you utter.


Keep holding your breath for the next instalment, I’ll try and come back to you in a week of so


(((That is why I keep asking dumb questions)))

Knowing is half the battle…


Thats why Socrates said it


Such sarcasm BOOBICA!!!:israel::stuck_out_tongue:


This will tell you why I believe in Jesus
Worth reading if u have time

" … according to the Jewish Talmud, Jesus is perhaps the vilest being who ever lived, condemned to spend eternity in the bottommost pit of Hell,

to persuasively document the enormous role Jews had played in the American slave-trade."

Furthermore, religious Jews apparently pray to Satan almost as readily as they pray to God

In 2010, Israel’s top Sephardic rabbi used his weekly sermon to declare that the only reason for the existence of non-Jews is to serve Jews and do work for them. The enslavement or extermination of all non-Jews seems an ultimate implied goal of the religion.

Perhaps we should not be too surprised that today Israel is widely regarded as one of the world centers of organ-trafficking.

Christianity in particular is regarded as a total abomination, which must be wiped from the face of the earth.

Jesus is perhaps the vilest being who ever lived

Jews sometimes kidnapped small Christian children in order to drain their blood for use in various magic rituals
Hitler may have modeled certain aspects of his racially-focused National Socialist doctrine upon the Jewish example

international Zionist groups closely cooperated with the Third Reich




‘To Forgive The Terrorists Is Up To God, But To Send Them To Him Is Up To Me’



Hey Boobica, you DIP SHIT, if you think the Holocaust didn’t happen, che k out the story of Maj.Gen. Sidney Shachnow ,now deceased.


Don’t think I ever said that - all I did was ask q’s to clarify things that I don’t understand like how did they manage to cremate 6mil bodies in less than 82 years? Perhaps you know F76


Ok so if the Germans killed 6mil Joos how come Sidney(a child) managed to survive for 3 years in a concentration camp.
Germans must have been a lot less efficient killing machines than we thought if a little boy managed to evade the gas chambers for 3 years.