Israhell is not your friend


Boobica, Read his book, Hope and HONOR, if you can!!!


I will if you read some Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


U are the stupidest fuck I have ever heard. Please do us all a favor…


I love it when you play dirty.


Holocaust Against Jews is a Total Lie – Proof




EXHIBIT A: The biggest problem on the ‘right wing’ today.
The enemy within … the BIGGEST enemy is always from within.


Boobica, You’ve believe it to be a hoax in previous posts . It’s UNDENIABLE that it occurred. Do you believe the death camp films were made by Hollywood as propaganda movies before the Nuremberg Trials???
Answer why the moderate Arab States dont want the Palestinians. Malaysia wouldn’t want them either.
Should Israel accept an Iranian military presence near their border??? Stop being selective in answering me.
You are still a DICK!!!


There is no duel covenant. There was no change in God’s promise. The coming of Christ has always been Prevalent even before his first covenant with the Israelites. The Old Testament shows the bloodline to Jesus. The only thing that changed from the original covenant was salvation through faith alone. God told his people from the beginning that he would fulfill this promise though they didnt understand exactly how he was going to fulfill it, so when Jesus came to fulfill the promise, they didn’t understand because the Jews took God litterally for his word when he told them that he would free them not understanding that it was their souls to be freed.


Well said. So this is why I was perplexed over your initial comment.

Am I correct to interpret this first comment of yours, that you considered something I said to be contrary to Gods word and will, based on some strange interpretation of the ‘Israelites/Jews’ and/or ‘chosen people’ you referenced - within a New Testament context, of course, being that you and I are Christian, not ‘Jewish’?


I was defending everything that @devauxt was and has said towards Islam and Jews. He is right on with his analogy for both. He doesnt deflect from the problem. He explains why there is a problem.


Israel are the forefathers of terrorism in the middle east. Basically, you’re playing whataboutism just like devauxt, to avoid criticizing Israel.

Your initial comment was clearly directed at me from a position where the current State of ‘Israel’ is in some way considered ‘chosen’, under a New Covenant definition. Thus, I must have been violating your own position of religious purity, as you said: "The Jews will have to answer to God in the end for how they choose to ignore him but as for here and now … I’m doing as I’m told." … doing as you’re told, how? By turning the points I was raising about Jewish transgression into an argument about Islam??? I missed the part in the Holy Bible where it teaches to turn away criticism of Jews by errecting a strawman argument.

Turning every argument regarding Jews and the so called ‘State of Israel’ into an argument about Islam, is clearly a deflection tactic which Jesus Christ and the early Church Fathers would call you out on. The entire New Testament is a rebuke of the Jewish proto-Rabbi’s, who believed the real Messiah was going to re-establish a temporal Kingdom, rather than a spiritual Kingdom. The situation with the Jews has only gotten worse. Palestinians are 3 times more likely per capita to be Christian, if you weren’t aware. These Jews wield enormous power in western nations, which they have sorely abused, power that Muslims could only dream of having over western foreign policy, finance, and domestic policy.

To be clear, I’m rebuking you here , in the name of the New Testament, because like St Peter when chastised by St Paul, you’re simply aiding and abetting abuse against the Christian Church and its followers by its original and primary enemy - unworthy Jews, money changers, the Synagogue of Satan. There aren’t any gay pride marches in Muslim countries, meanwhile Sodom and Gomorrah has been re-erected in the former Holy Land and also in the lands of the former western Christendom (thanks largely to Jewish groups).


Ok so if its true what happened to the dead bodies?
If you look at the Nuremberg trials tney were not trials at all - no(zero) evidence, apart from hearsay was presented - they were kangeroo courts is all.
There is a huge refugee camp and millions of refugees in Lebanon
Israel has no right to refuse an Iranian presence - they are there bc they were invited by Assad, unlike the Yanks, who are there illegally.


The Nazi’s worst error was keeping detailed records at the death camps and there had to be witnesses to the atrocities of the einsatzgruppen. Some of the Generals were hesitant to carry out the order to execute the Jews . Some did evade the order or reluctantly carried it out instead of facing a firing squad . Im not making excuses .
Israel has a right to resist an Iranian military presence in Syria from them launching missiles into Israel. They have every right to attack the missile batteries. Would you like your neighbor to INVITE someone on their property to throw eggs at your house ???


There were no records - if you know different plse post a link
So if Israel is justified in attacking Syria/Iran bc they ‘‘might’’ attack Israel(with missiles) - Then Syria(a legal constitutional/ democratic country) must by the same standards, also have the right to attack an illegal apartheid state(Israel)
The missile batteries in Syria are defensive only btw - thats why Israel doesn’t like them - means they can no longer attack Syria at will


Boobica, your comment is completely LUDICROUS!!! Iran is there to control ASSAD and to threaten Israel. Haven’t you heard them openly say they want to completely DESTROY Israel ??? Israel is right to attack the missile batteries. Israel doesn’t attack Syria at will.They act in defense of their country. Syria is hardly a democratic country, Assad controls the country like Hitler did.
I guess you’ve never seen the documentaries on the Holocaust where they have the records stored about the death camps. The records of the Final Solution led to the execution of Adolf Eichmann. Please answer the last sentence in my post. Please regain a sense of SANITY. :israel::stuck_out_tongue:


toirtrap79, I don’t want to get in religious argument , for us Lutherans, the HOLY TRINITY and our faith in God alone, will bring us EVERLASTING LIFE .


I’m not defending how the Jews behave. I’m also not defending their choice to ignore the sanctity of Christ. Nowhere in the bible does it say for us to criticize Jews either. How the hell are Jews the forefather of terrorism? They are just defending that was given to them by God. No matter how they act or what they do, Gods word with them still stands. I for one am not going to criticize God for his choice. That’s between you and God if you want to…

That being said…I’m done explaining shit to you…