Israhell is not your friend


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Run along now Butdicker, you’re depriving some poor village of their idiot.

Here is a fact for you (I have mentioned this to you before) - Archaeological evidence proves that Jews were in Israel 1,500 years before mohammed invented his barbaric ideology.

You should fix your Google, it’ll do wonders for your stupidity. If you can’t manage to use Google, come back to me and I’ll send you some hints


Where as the Bible does not permit such acts, Islamic teachings encourage followers of Islam to conduct war and terror against those who are not Muslim. Islamic teaching also say that Muslims should live like mohammed, who by the way, married his bride at 6 years old and consummated the marriage when she was 9 years old.

War, terror, paedophilia, rape, beheading, sex slaves, slavery and killing of homosexuals are all part of Islam’s and mohammed’s teachings, not the bibles. You should read the Quran, Hadith and Sira


So prove it, show me some evidence - so far I only have your opinion


Have you ever read the Torah. very similar teachings to Quran even kosher food and circumcision


Some facts for you - more tomorrow


I know that mohammed copied a lot from Judaism and Christianity and then added his own layer of war, terror, rape, paedophilia and intolerance


One of my favourite quotes… President John F Kennedy in his book, Profiles in Courage, criticised Nuremberg as a show trial.

D’ya think thats maybe why the Joos killed JFK


Here are just some samples

Monument 1

The earliest evidence for the Kingdom of Israel: Shalmaneser III’s Kurkh stele lists King Ahab the Israelite.

Monument 2

A short time later his Black Obilisk mentions King Jehu the son of Omri.

Monument 4

The Tel Dan inscription.

Monument 5

Adad-nirari III’s Nimrud slab tells of his 803 BCE expedition to Palestine. He lists:





-Land of Omri (the regular Assyrian name for the Kingdom of Israel)


-Philistia (Palestine?)

-Aram (not Judah)

Monument 6

Rimah stele mentions King Joash of Samaria.


I’m a regular, baptist, imperfect, praise the lord and pass the ammunition type christian. I could have done a lot better. I’ve cursed more than I should. I’ve gotten in a lot of fights that I should have walked away from. I have spent a lifetime controlling a bad temper – still working on it. When I get to heaven, I will get a thatch hut rather than a mansion on the hill. But I will enjoy “roughing it” in heaven.

That being said, why does your ilk always use the inquesition, pedophiles, hitler and othar scum to denounce christians. They not christians – just using the religion as a cover for their evil. The democrat party has become pure evil but have no problem pulling out a bible and quoting scripture if they think it will draw a few votes. You and others love to tell us bout the pedophiles in the catholic church. Again just evil people using the cover of the church. You completely disregard the millions of good, decent catholics living out their lives and helping people daily.

In speaking of christianity, you never talk about people like billy graham or his son franklin and the samaritan’s purse that help thousands in need. Christians give more of their wealth to help the downtrodden than all other religions combined. You never speak of the millions of christians that serve as missionaries helping people around the world. Oh no!! You gotta use that 1% or so that use religion as cover.

Christ and Mohammed did have one thing in common – go out and win converts. Difference is Christ said go in love, teach the good word and if they don’t listen, shake the dust and move on.
Mohammed, on the other hand, said if they don’t convert to islam, enslave them or kill them.

In other words, hot shot, Christ embraced good and Mohammed embraced pure evil.


Nuremberg a very small part of all the war crimes trials. Get up to speed on how many trials were held in germany and japan and how many were executed for war crimes in both countries.


U nailed me in that first paragraph. :+1:


So Palestine existed in 803 BC - and Israel didn’t appear til nearly 3000 years later hmmm interesting


Have you got any links to even one of those fairy tales?


Israel is in a constant fight for it’s right to exist . Hasn’t Boobica ever heard the insane Muslims shout, Death to Israel!!!
I guess he would like Iran or Syria to control the Suez Canal .The Radical Islamists are absolute barbarians. No religion is perfect , but christianity is more about peace than Islam.
I would give 3.8 billion to Israel any time rather than 38 cents to the Palestinians who continue the border protests. There’s are reason other than to spite Israel, the MODERATES ARAB countries, especially Jordan don’t want them.
GOD BLESS ISRAEL and Netanyahu!!!


Are u fucking retarded…

Stop reading Harry Potter and read a damn history book…



Why does Israel have a right to exist?
On what basis?
If Israel didn’t exist wouldn’t the world be a safer place?


Still waiting for you to tell me which history book you read.
Bet you never read any books by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


Did you forget, Israel fought for it’s right to be state.The ME is safer and better because of Israel. Like I said, would you want the INSANE CLOWN POSSE( Assad and Rouhani) controlling the Suez!!! GO SEE A SHRINK!!!


Now Buttdicker, I wouldn’t want to deprive you of the experience of doing some real research. I’ve provided some clues for you, you now need to get off your arse and do some proper research