Israhell is not your friend


According to a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report published in October 2007, the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could cost taxpayers a total of $2.4 trillion by 2017 when counting the huge interest costs because combat is being financed with borrowed money.

(((Bonds))) beautiful mountains of (((Bonds)))

We could get into some whataboutisms till the cows come home, but nothing changes the fact that Israel and internationalist Jews who play defense for Israel, control the following:

  • US Executive Branch
  • US Congress
  • US Foreign Policy
  • US Mass Media
  • US Ivy League Universities
  • US Banking
  • US Mega Churches
  • US Big Tech
  • US Movie Industry

Once was WASP … now simply captured, without a shot [except the USS Liberty and 9/11]


Chororin, you’re right, we could talk forever about whataboutisms but let’s deal with reality . Israel is our best and only TRUE ALLY in the ME. They need our support in their fight to keep Iran from controlling the ME. They don’t care about being PC or public opinion when they retaliate against Iran’s and the Palestinians agression.
You should join Boobica in group therapy with these Anti-israeli chant. Next you two will be like the IRANIAN TOWELHEADS shouting death to America. :israel::stuck_out_tongue:


The only reason you are in the ME is to protect Israe,l thats why they pretend to be your ally. If you weren’t there you wouldn’t need an ally and your troops wouldn’t be dying either, oh and you’d be a few trillion richer



They use to call it IOU’s.


Israel should be worried.”


Boobica, why don’t you answer the complete posts instead of your selective answers. You still should see a SHRINK!!!


LOL, Mexico isn’t our friend either.

They dump their population into the US and it costs the tax payers over a hundred billion and year and likely to be over 200 billion.
Mexico allows people to pass through their country to enter the US illegally.
Mexico is killing us on trade to the tune of over 60 billion a year.
Illegals send over 30 billion back to Mexico every year.

Not a word about that. Do you just hate Jewish people and give everyone else a pass???


If it wasn’t for the barbaric war mongering, raping, paedophilic, woman hating, homophobic, non-muslim hating, intolerant Islam, we wouldn’t be in the Middle East. Islam is at the core of most of the World’s terror atrocities and has been for the 1,400 years of it’s barbaric existence. 670 million murders in the name of Islam over the life of it’s barbaric existence proves that Islam is the problem which the World need to rid itself of


The USA is Mexico’s welfare system


The problem is not Israel, the problem is Islam. Islam has been murdering millions for it’s 1,400 year barbaric existence


What are you talking about… we certainly don’t run doxing operations or create false witness to slur anyones good character… If you are Muslim, then it informs your position and your attitude towards Israel and would clarify to us part of why you so strongly in the anti-Israel camp… it is a reasonable question but it would appear that in todays day and age we are all given labels and treated badly… For instance… I am a White Male deplorable… how vilified can you get?


And who exactly within the lib-o-sphere are the pied pipers of such open door policy? It wouldn’t be the likes of the (((ADL or SPLC))) would it? It wouldn’t be the leftwing highly staffed at the editorial and journalistic level by Jews, Jewish media would it?

Qui bono? It ain’t the white American, but the shekel counters work overtime when all the illegals are flooding in. Meanwhile, in Israel, multiculturalism is frowned upon.


They’re the ones leading this anti-white, anti-male, muticulti feminista movement, even in my country. It’s their in-group strategy. Divide and conquer, especially your largest competition on planet earth; white males.

They’re even leading the EU push to open doors through the ECTR. The Jews involved in pushing the ECTR couldn’t be more elite; Kantor and Rothschild.

If you’re going to take part in whataboutery, make sure your choice of straw-man argument does not causally originate in the exact same ideological nursery as the claim you are trying to divert attention away from.

White western nations have multiple, serious problems, which mostly seem to start at the door of the Synagogue, if, of course, you bother to follow them far enough … unless you prefer to wear blinkers (either you’re a Jew, a brainwashed Christian or liberal, or you’re scared of being called a ‘Nahtzee’ for stating the obvious).


No white nation had an issue with Islam since the Siege of Vienna, until, of course, we started drinking the multiculti koolaide marketed primarily by Jewish groups who have been taking advantage of the 1) naivety, and 2) good will, of modern white European culture.

I’ve gone so far into that rabbit hole, past the gatekeepers like Shapiro and Alex Jones, to know damn well they don’t wear burkas and turbans down that hole; they’re all wearing kippahs.

What has been seen, cannot be unseen. This, is the Achilles heel of Israel and the Jews. Unfortunately - and I mean that sincerely - they will never cease their subversive group-strategy until it is far too late. History always repeats for these people who never dwell upon their own errors. A people with no situational awareness.


You are getting to the point. I don’t think this thread is about Boudica defending Islam, in fact I think he/she thinks it’s as backward as they come. This is about pointing out and accepting that Jews have a lot of fingers in a lot of pies. It’s not anti anything to point these facts out. It is what it is. I have to be totally honest and say I don’t fully understand the whole affair but read enough that smoke and fire go together.


Ok if you want to label me…
I am an Atheist who believes in Jesus.
An Agnostic who doesn’t believe in anything much
An anarchist in the true sense of the word
I hate all religions and especially ppl who use religion to justify their actions
I probably am anti-semitic, but I think that is justified by what Israel represents and what they are currently doing in Palestine and ME
Does that help you?


Non-muslim nations and non-muslim cultures have had problems with Islam over it’s 1,400 barbaric years of existence and as recently as 1915 - 1918 with the Armenian genocide. Islam is one fucked up barbaric ideology which has brought misery, rape, paedophilia, murder, war and terror wherever enters. Islam is most certainly the Worlds biggest threat and problem.

Since 9/11, 231,000 murders, 310,000 injuries and 33,898 terror attacks have been carried out in the name of Islam across the World, but most have been carried out on other Muslims


I am also totally against diversity which probly makes me a racist too


Someone asked me if I thought Assad or Islam should be running the ME.
No I don’t but I am quite happy for Putin to control things.


For simplicity sake, let’s just accept that you are an Islamic terror apologist and hate all other religions


Let me make you an offer…
You tell me what happened to the 6mil bodies and I’ll answer your q