Israhell is not your friend


Ahh, you try to conflate economic migrants with murderous, raping, terrorising, raping, paedophilic, homophobic, misogynistic Islamic invaders. Nice try, but you need to try harder


hurr, durr, multiple choice too hard, hurr, durr, Islam invading, hurr, durr . . .


You keep banging on abt 670 mil Islamic murders so thought I’d do some impartial research - haven’t really even started yet but this is almost the first article I came across.

The Muslim imperialist, colonialist, bloody conquest and subjugation of Palestine began with a battle, the August 20, 636, battle of Yarmk (it is believed that 75,000 soldiers took part – hardly bloodless). With the help of the local Jews who welcomed the Muslims as liberators,

Could you explain where you got the 670mil number from bc if you have actually read any history books you would know that conquering armies don’t normally kill everyone - subjugate yes and maybe rape and pillage some, but theres no benefit in inheriting 670mil dead bodies and theres certainly no profit, which was the normal motivation. And when did they die - 100 years ago the world pop was only abt 1 bil

I see your Math is about as good as your comprehension skills - non-existant


Try not to conflate disparate things numb nuts, and you’ll have more success in getting answers to your questions. People around here are not as green as you are cabbage looking.

Economic migrants are altogether different from murderous, raping, terrorising, raping, paedophilic, homophobic, misogynistic Islamic invaders.


No, as I have provided the historical evidence for you before and you didn’t absorb it then


Sorry but your incoherrent ravings do NOT qualify as evidence.


The problem is your comprehension, which is sadly lacking


It’s disparate, not desperate, numb nuts. I wasn’t calling other people green, I was intimating that you are a Hasbara level shill, or you’re the average Zionist enabler mumbling about “hurr, durr, Islam” while perpetually deflecting away from the real problem: Special interest groups, mostly Jewish, influencing foreign and domestic policy in western nations to push a divide and conquer program.

Over 95% of the migrants are simply low IQ economic migrants. Just because they’re Muslim, doesn’t mean their reasons for migration are part of some high-level invasion tactic. These people are coming for the $$$. Being poor in a western nation is still 10x better than being poor in a backward desert nation.


Thought I’d point this out to you Dev, coz you probly missed it first time round - Yep Judaism has always been very closely aligned with Islam - they even eat the same food ffs


Thought I’d point this out to you “murderous, raping, terrorising, raping, paedophilic, homophobic, misogynistic Islamic invaders” It seems you can’t grasp the source of the problem



On the contrary I think it’s you that can’t/won’t accept where the root cause of the problem is.


Thanks for the heads up on the typo, much appreciated


You mean like the pro Islam UN and the EU?


I fully acknowledge the root causes of most of the Worlds problems and they are mostly Islam related


Soft borders in EU are due to policies pushed by multiculti orgs run by elite Jews, such as the ECTR of Moshe Kantor (Jewish billionaire).

Soft borders in US are due to policies pushed by multiculti orgs run by elite Jews, such as the ADL and SPLC. The Republicans who are appeasing towards lax migration into the US are always sponsored by Jewish donors, as, of course, are the Democrats. Top donors to each party, by far, are Jewish.

The UN doesn’t control National immigration policy, this is controlled by special interest groups within the nation, or in the case of the EU, within the bureaucratic system of the EU, such as Kantor’s ECTR or Sweden’s Multiculti council run by Jews like Barbara Spectre.

You’re taking part in whataboutery again … constantly attempting to shift blame to areas which are symptoms of the problem, rather than CAUSES of the problem.

The cause of these issues is Liberal Democracy, which in the west has become critically infested by Jewish special interest groups attempting to destroy their only competition on planet earth: white western males, in particular.

Jews have always been the #1 enemy of the white western male - especially since the ‘enlightenment’ - the Muslims have simply been an inconvenience which from time to time we have had to obliterate when we weren’t fighting each other; something Jewish groups are only too happy to instigate when and where it is possible, such as the Bolshevik Revolution which turned the east against the west defining a century of white western conflict on the European continent.


The invasion from our southern border is far more serious, costs this country far more than Israel.

But then again, this isn’t about the US and our most serious issue but about you and your hate for Israel.


There are unelected people from all religions and none, in positions of influence all over the World including Jews, But Islam is the only ideology which demands the submission of all others to its ideology with the threat of murder for those who don’t submit to it’s barbaric teachings.


I’m not trying at all to label you… I am trying to understand you and what started as a rather benign question has turned into a rant.


You asked me if I was a Moslem that is a label you wanted to pin on me - My answer wasn’t a rant, just a statement of fact - but I know you don’t like facts do you.