It Doesn't Matter if the Florida Parkland Kids are Crisis Actors


David Hogg might well be a plant, and I don't care. Wow, he is the son of an FBI agent? I still do not care. It is clear to all that these kids are reading notes prepared by the media, so why bother wasting breath on pointless conspiracy? The real conspiracy is far larger than if some kid is not who he appears. The discussion of whether these kids are coached by the media or by some other agent of chaos is also irrelevant at this point- it is obvious that they are. As the L.A Times has pondered:

In a world of senseless chaos and cruelty, there are apparently two ways to comprehend what's driving the student-led gun control activism spreading across the country:

1. After a gunman killed 17 students and faculty at a high school in Parkland, Fla., last week, the students have launched a movement that began in their liberal enclave and snowballed on social media across a generation fed up with mass shootings.


2. The angry young people giving interviews on national television are not students at all but "crisis actors" who travel from tragedy to tragedy and pretend to be victims, and the students have not organized the protests on their own but are agents of Democratic donor George Soros, the liberal media or the anti-Trump FBI.

We at Republic Standard propose a third option. As we said on Tuesday, the exploitation of the shooting does not require crisis actors- only the knowledge that there are enough kids indoctrinated with progressive ideology to read the lines. George Soros is definitely involved- but does anyone really think that a paid actor could do a better job of pretending to be a #NeverTrump 16-year-old kid with an overly inflated sense of their own knowledge and ability than the real deal?There are hundreds of thousands of such children available. We also already know that these protests are not generated solely by a group of teenage shooting survivors.

All we need to do to move beyond this false dichotomy is to consider the case of Colton Haab.

As a member of the Florida Parkland Junior Reserve Officer's Training Corps Colton took it upon himself to shepherd scores of his classmates to safety using a kevlar mat as a shield. CNN wanted him to read their scripted questions at their Town Hall broadcast instead of his own prepared remarks- so Colton refused to attend. The narrative needs no crisis actors when you control the means of information dissemination. Haab is not suited to the narrative, despite standing for everything good in American youth while Hogg and Casky cowered on the floor. The LA Times presented two options, neither of which are entirely true or entirely false. The truth is worse than either proposed reality.

David Hogg would be journalist. Son of an FBI agent. CNN fan. Perfect- you could not wish for a better leading light for a children's crusade against the gun. It doesn't matter if Cameron Kasky is a paid agent or not. He already believes everything that you would wish him to believe if you were engaged in progressive activism.

Remember when we told you that John Podesta had sent a memo to George Soros in 2007, detailing exactly how the progressive agenda would play out? It bears printing again, in advance of what we're going to see next.

Control the political discourse. So much effort over the past few years has been focused on better coordinating, strengthening, and developing progressive institutions and leaders. Now that this enhanced infrastructure is in place—grassroots organizing; multi-issue advocacy groups; think tanks; youth outreach; faith communities; micro-targeting outfits; the netroots and blogosphere—we need to better utilize these networks to drive the content of politics through a strong “echo chamber” and message delivery system.

The key point to pay attention to here is that we are seeing the formation of multi-issue advocacy groups thanks to the political weaponization of the Florida Parkland children. For stone-cold evidence of this, one need only look at this tweet from AJ+, the Qatar-based progressive propaganda merchants.

Let this be abundantly clear- the victims of Omar Mateen at Pulse nightclub are connected only by the fact that people were shot. Mateen, a closet homosexual who murdered 50 people for ISIS and Cruz, a mentally disturbed loner, have little in common save for the fact that the FBI dropped the ball in both cases. Even so, we will soon be presented with a movement that conflates the two cases as being one of gun control. As a European I can tell you first hand that gun control does not prevent jihad. Gun control does not prevent psychopathy. Yet, this is what the American public is instructed to believe, that somehow if you just take the legal guns away, the illegal behaviors that are not related to legal gun ownership will evaporate. The alliance of the march of the children and the march of the homosexuals will be joined on the streets by the march of the ethnic minorities.

The irony that Black Lives Matter should now be supportive of the Children's Crusade should be lost on nobody. Pigs in a blanket. Fry 'em like bacon. What do we want? Dead Cops. When do we want 'em? Now. Black communities in the United States agree that their communities are most harmed by gun violence. As the left-wing Guardian reported in April 2016:

Black voters think most Americans simply do not care about urban gun violence, according to a new phone survey by a prominent Democratic polling firm. But for them, it’s a crucial issue – and a more serious one than police misconduct.

In a February poll, 80% of the registered black voters surveyed described gun violence in communities of color as an “extremely serious” problem, compared with only 50% who called police misconduct an “extremely serious” problem, and 69% who called the incarceration rate an “extremely serious” problem.

The majority of the 600 registered black voters surveyed said they believed that most police officers are professionals who do the right thing and that only a few “bad apple” officers discriminate based on race.

It Doesn't Matter if the Florida Parkland Kids are Crisis Actors

The opinions of the majority of Black people who can be bothered to get voter ID will be ignored in the press. Instead, Black Lives Matter will join the march against the gun, alongside the Sharia-compliant Women's March. This is the middle-point of Podesta's grand plan, a decade in the making. The funding levels achieved by this conglomeration of leftist activist groups will leverage huge influence, supported every step of the way by CNN and other leftist news outlets. Between now and the midterms in November, we will see further links made between these political groups, as the Children's Crusade is mentored by Oprah Winfrey, Linda Sarsour, Michelle Obama and a who's who of media power players. The Overton window will be dragged even further away from reality than it already is, to focus solely on the paper tiger- Donald Trump's evil patriarchy.

I'll take any bet you like that I am right. When Trayvon Martin is honored with a posthumous doctorate in aeronautical science and many people still believe that hands up, don't shoot was ever said by the criminal thug Michael Brown it is inconvenient to point out that no amount of practical gun control will affect how frequently young black men murder each other with guns. Callous are the enemies of your liberty, America. The evidence shows that the US homicide rate is amongst the lowest in the world when broken down into racial demographics.

It Doesn't Matter if the Florida Parkland Kids are Crisis Actors

There is no verified statistic anywhere that supports gun ownership being correlated to homicide rates. As the majority of gun owners are Whites and the vast majority of gun crime is committed by Blacks
the gun control thing is not about any practical matter; its purely about putting the boot on rural Whites who like guns. Who do rural Whites vote for? Not progressives, that is for sure. Therefore, the silent majority of Americans -the non-coastal city dwelling fly-over states folk- are a perfect patsy to push this agenda on everyone else.

As a Briton, it dismays me that your nation is even entertaining ideas of disarmament. In my country, the state can and will send you to jail for not purchasing a license to watch television or go online. In my country, men lie unarmed on the floor during jihad and denounce each other as racists while our women are stabbed to death outside.

In my country we gave up our ability to defend ourselves, relying on the state to do it for us and trusting in the state to not be evil or domineering. In my country, I cannot write the truth as I see it or speak the truth to other citizens without fear of state persecution. I may never be permitted to return home. In my country, we arrest men who volunteer to fight ISIS and let those who fought for ISIS go free. Though it pains me to say it, I see a dark future indeed for my homelands.

Is that the future you wish for, America? If it truly is, then follow the Women's March, Black Lives Matter, and the Children's Crusade. Follow the leadership of Tony Podesta, George Soros, Linda Sarsour, Oprah and Michelle Obama. The end goal is not simply disarmament, it is control of the people in the service of the state- for if this progressive movement were truly concerned with “saving lives” the topics of conversation would be very, very different.

Resist your destruction with all your might.

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I watched the CNN town hall debate last night with Rubio. It was a feeding frenzy. The parents of the victims, who probably haven’t been buried their children yet, were delivering their rehearsed lines with emotion to make a big show for the cameras. There was nothing Rubio could do other than give in on trying to raise the age to purchase guns from 18 to 21 - ridiculous - especially when 18 year old men are required to sign up for selective service in the event of a draft.


We have laws against texting and driving. That doesn’t stop people from doing it. I bet most of these Parkland students have broken that law. When people break that law it results in the injury or death of innocent bystanders. By following their argument on guns we should ban cell phones, or cars, or both.


The analysis is correct. The left has the benefit of having millions of useful idiots push their message through the persistent appeal to emotion. The entire narrative is built on one logical fallacy after another. The gun grabbing students from Parkland are also on a quest for fame. They want the attention for their own selfish purposes and they would be willing to say or do whatever is necessary to keep the attention up so they can cash in. They are using a tragedy for their own benefit and if pressed on this point will default to the tired old line of being on the right side of history.


Ha! Great point! They can try to use this argument to ban guns but then they can’t get upset when we use the same logic to ban immigration from Muslim countries that are terror hotbeds or when we want to kick illegals because so many of them are connected to criminal activity and foreign gangs. People get killed because of Islam and gang violence so now it’s fair game.


I commend Marco Rubio, first for having the balls to show up, lacking in Scott and Trump, but also for conceding on the age limit to purchase long guns, ending sales of bump stocks, expanding the scope of background checks, etc…




His NY liberal is showing.


When I hear them condemn the big pharma industry for being a vital component then I’ll know they are over the target. The bump stock ban will be ignored in some of the states as well. They pretty much ignore the 30 round magazine ban in several states and I think some states have firearms freedom bills to prevent federal overreach.


Like when he said he’ll sign anything on DACA and didn’t? Amazing people still haven’t caught on.


Not posting the entire tweetstorm.



Or maybe caving to common sense…


This bald bitch is so “distraught” that she was given a national platform to push her agenda about banning muh guns and the first thing she does is get up, do a little spin move, and start laughing?

Are liberals actually falling for this shit?


That’s funny. If you don’t like federal over reach in states then you support states ignoring federal law. This is how some liberals feel about states ignoring federal law with regards to immigration. This is how partisan hypocrisy keeps the ball rolling.


What are you saying, that we should pay no attention to what the president says?


If I could buy an immigrant at the store, take it home, and do whatever I wanted to it then your argument would make sense. If you want to head in that direction I’d support that move. I like the idea of buying moving targets. Some states might not support that. Others would. That’s a property rights issue.


Hook, line, and sinker.



Either states are obliged to enforce federal law, or they aren’t.


Are you talking about Immigration, commerce within a state, or commerce between states. Pick one and focus. Otherwise, you aren’t making any sense.


I’m referring to any constitutionally supported federal laws that states are obliged to follow.