It Doesn't Matter if the Florida Parkland Kids are Crisis Actors


Yeah! Like the 2nd Amendment.


If you don’t already own a few ARs you better go get some before they do. If you have extra, now is a good time to make a buck. I’ve got 4. One for each member of the house.


Because it’s borderline criminal at least, as it is targeting to subvert the US constitution and freedoms of the people.


Then I would suggest that biding time and collecting hard evidence is way more valuable than speculation.


What additional evidence is needed? We know what they are saying, we know who is giving them the microphone, and we know what the Constitution says.


That’s exactly the case I’ve made here. A crisis actor is pointless- all that would mean is a ‘non-student’ parachuted in to relay the exact same talking points as the actual students. Irrelevant when the kids are willing to do it and do not risk exposure as being frauds (well, not fraudulently being students, anyway.)


The interesting thing is more people are killed by hand guns every year than the AR15 insult rifle as one of the kiddies called it.

Not a word about handguns.

Not a word about addressing the issue with local law enforcement and their lack of action after 39 calls.
Not a word about the inept FBI and their lack of action. Who was fired for dropping the ball?
Not a word about the lack of security at the HS.
Not a word about the school not expelling the problem kid years before.
Not a word about the school dealing with hismertal health issue.

Sigh, just the gun.


Not just more, but vastly more. I in this piece ( we noted:

Data collected by the School Shooting Database indicates that handguns are used in around 70% of all school shootings. Long rifles including the AR-15 account for 12% of all shootings at schools. Statistically speaking, the AR-15 is far less of a problem than is being suggested.

When gun crime is segmented by race, the problem becomes incredibly problematic for leftists. Weird, huh.


Remember, every time a tragic incident has happened the leftist operatives run to the victims with open arms, pretending to have their best interests at heart, vowing let me fix the problem.
But rather than seek real solutions, leftists use victims as cover to further their extreme agenda and attack people they hate.
Christians, gun-owners, the NRA, conservatives, Republicans, achievers, non-victim-minded minorities, and straight white men.


Yes, what we were talking about was 2nd amendment related issues.



You do live in a different world.

Sanctuary cities come to mind.


Pretty interesting how the media and left shifted the blame from the actual shooter to Republicans, Trump, the NRA, and law-abiding gun owners.

Diversion is everything.


Rubio did well, conducted himself well and made a few common sense concessions. He did not however commit to rejecting the gun lobbyists money going forward.


Couldn’t be about the 2nd amendment could it


I hate to sound this way but it is the weak culture! Fuck gun control!

I saw a question and answered:

“WHERE Was GOD during the Florida Massacre?”, I have an answer.

God was allowing man “Free Will”- where was God when Israel was in bondage to Egypt? Where was God when Israel was wandering? Where was God when Babylon took Israel?

You see a pattern here? God is there but he is trying to teach. It is much like when you let your children fail so they learn to succeed. It is tough love but if we (as a national, not individual) serve him we should have no worries.

On many occasions Israel turned from God and he turned from them. There are many examples throughout the Bible and I really wonder why anyone would ask the question. To solve the problem we need to move, as a nation (individuals are another thing entirely), back to God.

But more, I am in no way trying to take anything away from those who lost loved ones in the recent shooting but one thing has definitely changed! Social media and these smart phones. Kids do not communicate as they did in the past and they have little down time. Hell I heard one mother talking about getting texts from here daughter telling her she was scared because of threats here in NC. In my day the phone would have been taken until the end of the year!

So anywho, perhaps we should remove this damn social media! I really think it would make a big difference. We had firearms back in the 70s and 80s and we did not pull this crap. We also did not have social media where everyone was in our business! Where our feelings were hurt and we damn sure were not so stupid as to lay it all out there.

Simply put, we the people are creating this and with all the weak ass millennial’s out there is it any wonder?


we will seez all gunz



Sinead O’Taco has been waiting for this moment all her life.


Wayne LaPiere says the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Sometimes.


You are attempting to conflate the 14th amendment that extends all the privileges and immunities of the US Constitution to state law and the refusal to aid the federal government in doing its job. It is certainly fair to say that states do not have to help in the enforcement of federal law but I think that creating law that directly opposes and inhibited the federal government in enforcing its responsibilities could be a nice case for the Supreme Court.

Of course this brings us to as situations where certain presidents do not ‘faithfully execute the laws of the land’ and the unfortunate need for a big, strong, imposing, expensive, ugly barrier between the United States of America and Mexico. If states are going to play games with the defense of our national sovereignty and certain presidents seek to harm that sovereignty by willfully ignoring laws established by the US Congress the extraordinary measures are required in case their is a ‘next time’.


Obviously the ‘good guy’ wasn’t quite as committed to his job and the safety of the children in that school as he should have been. Given that the Supreme Court has reaffirmed that police are under no obligation to protect the public under the ‘public service doctrine’ then perhaps the alternative is a person hired specifically for that purpose or teachers trained to do the job and motivated by the situation.