It Doesn't Matter if the Florida Parkland Kids are Crisis Actors


One of the chief problems related to these mass murders is mental health. Something we have and always have had, and always will have amongst us is individuals with mental health disabilities. And a good and decent society will provide the necessary resources to take care of them. But that’s where Reagan comes in. Growing up in California I remember his attack on the mental health institutions and his defunding. Conservatives never want to fund things like that, but tell them the military needs more money and they’ll bend over backwards to help. Ha, and they claim to be the pro life party. :roll_eyes:

Reagan continued his policy with regards to mental health as president and it’s the cause of the explosion in homelessness that causes even more problems.

Ronald Reagan and the Federal Deinstitutionalization of Mentally Ill Patients


Quite a turn around… I seem to recall that the institutionalization of the mentally ill and closer of state mental institutions was the point of the Community Mental Health Centers Act of 1963 signed by LBJ…

The institutionalization and process by which people are committed has been a problem throughout the west. To me one of the major problems is the filed of psychiatry in the first place. Sigmund Fraud doomed a lot of people to asylums because of his all encompassing knowledge of the human brain. The state finds reason to put people into hospitals and they get lost in the system coming out worse than when they went in. It is curious we are talking about locking the mentally ill away again when half the country is taking mommy’s little pills and mommy is in group therapy… What is wrong with this picture… I think the answer in a nutshell is progressivism… but that is just me.


So you’re a tough guy because you could scare a kiddo. :roll_eyes:


So there wasn’t a CNN authored question for Colton at the town hall meeting.



Speaking about the Parkland High School shooter the president suggests that the police should have violated the law and the constitution, because as his SOS declared a long time ago, he’s a fucking moron.

CNN) President Donald Trump, during a bipartisan meeting Wednesday with lawmakers to discuss school safety and gun measures, said it might be better in some cases to allow law enforcement to confiscate weapons from potentially disturbed individuals before allowing due process.

“Take the gun first, go through due process second,” Trump said.

After listening to his Vice President Mike Pence discuss due process and the conversation that the President had with governors earlier this week, Trump suggested: “Or, Mike, take the firearms first and then go to court.”


This incredibly brave teen has had to face multiple threats and organized harrassment and has been courageous and well-spoken and incredibly strong in the face of it all. Nothing but respect for him and his aplomb and outspokenness while being cast suddenly onto a national stage at a young age. #NeverAgain

Right wing violent rhetoric, threats, and eliminationism are horrifying. The paranoid style of politics is strong in some sectors of society. Also surely ginned up too by opportunists and manipulators. Overwhelmingly most Americans support reasonable controls on guns, and especially, the safety of our young students and everyone.


While the issue is emotive and rises after an incident support for gun controls really hasn’t changed much and is actually considerably lower than in 1991. The questions however are ambiguous as asking 100 people what ‘gun control’ means. Some people will say that gun control is total confiscation others will say it is adding the requirement for a gun safety course…


Easy to say that when your on the internet posting anonymously.


True enough, but so far the congress is paralyzed by the gun lobby (NRA).


Hum… ‘Cast’… While his conviction might be real,I would suggest that the talking lines originally came for his parents attitudes. Another teen who actually did step into harms way seems to have been given short shift as his comments didn’t meet with the progressive narrative. As someone who is pursuing journalism, I would suggest that it was said more than once that THIS is an opportunity. No one forced him to travel to New York and attend program after program. If he was ‘Cast onto the national stage’ I would suggest it was by the same kind of pageant parent who live vicariously through the success they push their children to achieve.

Several students who attended school that day and expressed a pro second amendment stance didn’t seem to been cultivated the way that those who support gun control were. Is David Hogg incredibly brave in his convictions or is he incredibly supported and shielded because he fits the needs of the narrative… and building career contacts in the process?


@JustErin - I do like the way that word ‘Reasonable’ gets slung around… I wonder what it would mean if you asked 100 different people to describe in detail what their definition of ‘reasonable’ means. Would their perspective be the same as the ‘overwhelming majority’ of the others who participated or would it just be 1 of a 100 different explanations?

We, I suppose should also ask those 100 people to define the scope and importance of the 2nd amendment… that would be an interesting exercise too… some people actually think it was put in the bill of rights because people like to hunt and target shoot.




Of course Quinnipiac’s survey only goes back to Sandy Hook… Follow the longer treads and it is far from at its highest… Selective data isn’t the way to influence people.



The problem with polls:
Quinnipiac surveyed 1,249 voters nationwide.

Did it represent all of this country or did it focus on major metropolitan areas?

Telephone polls worked so well in the last election.


These kids are like some sort of intellectual human shields. They can attack you, but you’re a monster for retaliating. It’s like when Jews or Muslims take over a school or hospital to fire rockets at someone, so they can point out that you’re the bad guy for fighting back. Total shitshow.

And if these little shits are so “brave” and so “fierce”, why do they need to shut down everyone arguing with them?


These Parkland kids now have to spend 99 percent of their time proving they aren’t crisis actors now :rofl:


Probably wasn’t the greatest plan to use the same bullies who bullied Cruz into shooting up the school, to bully gun owners into giving up their shit, because nobody seems to give a flying fuck about these fake news kids.