"It’s Time to Admit That Allowing Men Into the Workplace Was a Mistake"


Let’s start by asking an important question: Is it even natural for men to be in the workplace in the first place? It is well known, for example, that men are not good with money. Companies run by female CEOs perform better in the stock market, and women are better at both saving and investing. It feels uncomfortable to assume that male irresponsibility with money is a biological trait. But with their higher salaries and disproportionate representation in business schools and and boardrooms, men have been given every opportunity to succeed in the corporate world by now. Many industries have essentially operated decades long affirmative action programs for men.

While certain exceptional men are able to control their weak natures and rise to the challenge of behaving appropriately in the workplace, it’s time to do what’s right and end this grand experiment before anyone else gets hurt.

LMAO, and then you see this:


Sounds good. I’d be happy to sit at home all day and complain that my wife doesn’t make enough :rofl:


Yahoo did so well.

I’m all for my fellow women making big accomplishments in the business world, but I believe those accomplishments should be real and demonstrable. No one should be “recognized” for showing up and doing their job.


Lets not the whole equifax debacle and their chief of security hire



There is no way to overstate how dangerous the corporate workplace is for a normal white man.

The horror stories you read are just the tip of the iceberg. It is daily humiliation, coupled with the constant fear of losing your job due to any random woman’s feelings.


Men started the workplace. They started businesses to fulfill their God-ordained role of provider for their wives and children. Without men, there is no workplace. Letting women in the workplace was the mistake - a grave mistake.


Once the leftist hive mind bans men from the workplace as it has from the family, the remaining male spaces will be prisons and cemeteries.


Yes, you could lose your livelihood and put on some corporate “blacklist” and “sexual assault map” bc you turned down betty’s sexual advantage toward you at a “workplace happy hour” bc her words would take precedence over yours in the rape court.

Let that sink in for a moment.




I worked for a female run company with most top management female.

The company limps along for years and was purchased by a male run company. She adis pad her wallet with the buyout.

I challenge any female to compare their saving/investing ability with mine any day of the week.

p.s. My wife could care less about saving or investing. She has checks, she has money. She has a credit card, she has money. She is a bit better than when we first met.