Italian politicians want to free taxpayers from funding of mass media


The immigration-critical and populist government wants to take action to stop the funding of mass media. Instead, they want to see increased media diversity.

Vito Crimi , a representative of the Italian populist party Femstjerner movement, wants to stop the tax financing of the country’s mass media. Instead, he wants to form a Netflix-like subscription service that gives Italians access to all media.

“We are not against news magazines, we just want to remove the tax financing for them, not outrage pluralism,” said Crimi.

His proposal comes after his party leaders, also Minister of Economic Development, Luigi Di Maio , said he did not at all read media.

“When I search for information, I do not read Italian newspapers, they are only propagandaists. I am reading specialized articles, foreign newspapers, bloggers and documents to inform me about issues related to my work as minister,” said Di Maio.

Only 45 percent of Italians trust mass media according to a survey.

Five Star Movement Proposes Stripping Mainstream Media’s Public Funding


Great idea? Why give free money to the MSM for them to ignore the problems that mass migration brings and for them to vilify anybody who isn’t on the left and to label every member of public who doesn’t like being invaded (by people who hate the west) as “far right”


This is a good idea. We should do the same thing here with NPR and PBS. No reason anyone who doesn’t support those far-left media platforms should have to subsidize it with tax dollars.


This sounds like a good idea , I glad to see some politicians are taking a stand and not buckle to the bias media.


Why should media outlets that are biased receive any kind of money from the taxpayer. Italy should run this through to the end. we should also follow their lead and make sure that any media organizations in the United States also get Public Funding stripped.


Do you know how much money PBS makes on sesame Street merchandise…why are we still funding them?