'It's OK to be White' = White Supremacy?


Matt Lieb over at Newsbroke has been doing some loud and relentless whining lately. Apparently he’s taken issue with an obvious trolling campaign orchestrated by the folks at 4chan; they’ve gone to universities and colleges across the US and pinned up posters stating simply ‘It’s OK to be white’.

The obvious idea is to provoke SJW types into fury, forcing them to reveal publicly what they’ve been thinking all along in private: that being white is not OK. Seems like Matt here has taken the bait. Hook, line and sinker.


At times we are tired of endless reminders about Black history month , Hispanic month , Miss black American pageants , Congressional black caucuses , Black pride , Latino pride and white privilege . WTF :roll_eyes:


I’m white and I’m damn proud of it. If anyone has a problem with it, then that’s just too f*ckin bad. Deal with it, you little punks.


Whenever these flyers get left anywhere they’re considered white supremacist propaganda. We’ve gone from burning crosses, KKK outfits, and Nazi symbology to a simple flyer that says: It’s Ok To Be White


That’s what makes it so brilliant. It’s probably one of the most benign statements one could make about race. If you come out against saying that it’s okay to be white then what you’re really doing is showing just how intolerant you are of white people.


I’m white and proud .Just so Damn sick and tired of all the race baiting and divisiveness . We all BLEED RED when we cut areself no matter our race .


No white person today should have any guilt about past wars. It’s stupid to bring up past world history, because today’s whites were not alive. They have nothing to be ashamed about because all races were savage while attempting to conquer nations. It’s ok to be white! :ok_hand: