IT'S OVER: Republicans will not vote on Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill, will move on from Obamacare repeal for now


Republicans on Tuesday decided against bringing the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill to the floor for a vote, a GOP aide told Business Insider, effectively killing the party’s latest push to overhaul the US healthcare system.

Sens. Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy, two of the authors of the bill, said during a press conference with GOP Senate leaders that there were not enough votes to pass the measure.

“Well, to be clear, due to events under our control and not under our control, we do not have the votes,” Cassidy said.

Graham said it was “not if but when” Republicans would pass his healthcare bill, but added that there was still work to be done before then.

“We know what we’re against,” Graham said. “We’ve had a hard time articulating what we’re for.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the GOP conference would move on from the push to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, the law better known as Obamacare, to the attempt to reform the tax code.

It became apparent on Monday that Republicans did not have the 50 votes needed to get the bill through the Senate when Sen. Susan Collins announced her opposition to the bill, making her the third Republican senator to defect. Republicans hold 52 seats in the Senate.

Republicans’ ability to use fiscal 2017 budget reconciliation, which allows for certain bills to pass with a simple majority, will expire on Saturday. After that, Democrats will be able to filibuster any healthcare bill put forward.

That means the GOP must either work with Democrats to get eight more votes on a healthcare bill or wait to mount another effort under reconciliation rules in either the fiscal 2018 or the fiscal 2019 budget.

“Look, we haven’t given up on changing the American healthcare system. We’re not going to do that this week,” McConnell said. "But it still lies ahead of us.

Trump blames Congress. Congress blames the status quo. The Democrats blame the failure to compromise. Everyone can pretend to be principled, to have all the answers, to desire the great fix. No one is at fault. The meltdown continues with ever more insurers leaving the ACA market and ever more threatening bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, the drive for a single-payer system continues apace.

Even reasonable people are asking the question: would a single-payer system be better than the political and economic fiasco we have seen unfold over the last seven years? Even the question illustrates the crazy way that people believe that more government power is the best answer to previous government failures.

The insanity continues.


For those of us who work for a living, this is known as a failure to perform. When people fail to perform, we fire their sorry asses. Not in DC though, I’m sure we will see their miserable faces again and again.


What’s a total joke is people like McCain ran on killing the ACA and now endorses it.

One thing for certain, the GOP should run for cover in the next few elections as people have had enough of them and are sick of democrats.


Yep, they’ll just move on to tax cuts for the rich, see what that brings them.


My prediction is that all of these establishment Republicans will get voted out no matter how much money gets spent on their campaign. One thing that I wish we had here, that the Europeans have, is a vote of no confidence. We should be able to call a public referendum and dissolve this Congress immediately.


The only thing that will save them will be a democrat.

One must vote for the lesser of 2 evils as was done in the last election.


Yep. Meet the Republican Party that can’t get anything done, even with the cards stacked in their favor. They would rather sell out to the democrats.


That much is for certain.


Hahahahahahahaha :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: have you ever thought that they aim to get rid of the moron in the White House too?


You mean the ones that pay 90% of ALL taxes so the other 47% can pay NONE ? :astonished:


Which catagorie are you in?


I’m one of the top 10% how about you bubba?

That means I pay more than many people make.

I only work part time now because of the high taxes and still hit the top 10%.


I see some hope in that. When enough people realize the scant difference in these two parties, perhaps we’ll see the rise of the third party.


Btw, have you noticed that the TIC is still sending out the welfare checks. Did you know that the number of Americans on the government dole grew under George Bush. When you people realize that both these parties are killing America, then maybe, perhaps, you’ll do something different. If it’s not too late.


What are you blind… it is happening right before your eyes… its been happening since 2010… It happened last night. They may have ‘R’s’ by their names but make no mistake, the topography of these people is not that of the Washington run of the mill… What you don’t like is that fact that they aren’t your kind of alternative…


Another thought about this is that with seven YEARS to think about this and plan for this day, it’s apparent that the GOP never really did want to R&R the PPACA. My suggestion is that if you’re not happy with the way things are going, YOU do something different!


And those number quadrupled under the terrorist sympathizer OBAMA ! The democratic party is known for free shit .


Um…no, it did not. But do you understand it’s been rising for decades? Through every administration, so why be such a partisan about it. It’s so transparent dude. If rising numbers of Americans on the government tit are troubling to you. Then why aren’t you critical of them all?


I pay more than most and have for 40 years ! EARNED $100,000 plus the last 14 years , so I’m in the 28% range . I’m the guy that pays for your friends cell phones , dental visits , their food stamps , the HEAP , their cab rides to drug clinics , their Belmont housing , their prescription drugs including methadone , pay for those colorful tats , the gold grills , those Jordan kicks , daddy baby’s diapers , formula , c heck ups , and ALL their free lawyers . :laughing: So how bad do you cheat every year ??? :laughing:


My friends all pay for their own stuff. You shouldn’t be so presumptive about something you have no knowledge of. And you didn’t even respond to the post that you tagged.