It's Pretty Clear What The Priorities Of The Democratic Party Are... And If You Are An American... It Ain't YOU!


Lol, only in registration, only in registration. Independents haven’t yet learned to vote independent.


And of course through your constant harping about ‘independents’ you have given us little clue about what that means to you… except of course we are all pretty certain that it means progressive…


We know where Graham and Schumer are what do you think of my solution ?


Independent means bing a bernie bot.

Stevie/Johnny’s views as expressed time and time again clearly points to bernie.

Wha stevie/johnny fails to realize is bernie is a progressive democon.


Well it can’t be taken seriously, we know that’s not going to happen. If McConnell makes the compromises that Graham’s willing to make, you’ll probably see 75 votes and the government opened back up today.


Unfortunately lobbyist have targeted RINO’s with large donations to push amnesty .