It's true, men never grow up


sorry but it seems totally true, that men never grow up

I suppose there are a few who mature but most of them… I mean, I was just at that one site where people were laughing about illegals being fooled by a guy in a truck promising a job, when all he did was take them to some immigration facility

The subject of that story (in other words, the prankster) strikes me as incredibly IMMATURE

for one thing, doesn’t that guy have anything better to do? anything more productive to do?

sorry, but you don’t see women doing this kind of thing (usually). Maybe that’s mostly bc women are mothers and so, therefore, they are sort of forced to grow up… I don’t know… but…

another reason i like to watch Fox News… there seem to be a lot of people (guests/hosts) on that station who… grew up… condone growing up … (even for men)…

i don’t know… just my thoughts on the subject for whatever they are worth

for the sake of equality, I will also say that women have faults men normally don’t: they gossip a lot… they hate each other (I hate her bc she is thin; i hate her bc she is young and pretty)

I mean… yeh… the whole human race is pathetic


It’s true!

I didn’t really become a mature, responsible adult until I was in my 40’s. I mean, sure, I had a job and paid my bills and helped raise kids, but I wasn’t really … actualized until late in life.

Plenty of men do that at a younger age, though.

Women don’t really play the same kind of role in life, in general. They have different expectations. Women generally can be really irresponsible and depending without being seen as childish.


You know sometimes I can’t help to think men needs some time to reflect on his life before he can mature…or maybe it’s just me. :wink:


Well, the day is coming when our Sun will go Super Nova. So there’s that. That’ll level the field. Seriously, I had an idyllic childhood; but as an adult, I have paid a lot of dues. More than my share. I know life ain’t fair.


i enjoyed reading your post… but if you could explain this last thing?




then I think of what Jesus said on the topic. He said t hat if we don’t all turn and become like little children, we will not get to Heaven.

But I think he meant having a child-like faith or something. I think we can safely assume he wasn’t saying to remain immature until the end LOL


hmmm… i find this interesting bc I myself could have written it… I had a blessed childhood and then it seems that in adulthood (or adulthood so called… and/or) I seem to have been forced to pay for that lovely childhood… just a thought. There was one fly in the ointment of said childhood but for the most part it was about as perfect a life as a child can have… UNTIL we kids began going through adolescence… !! OMG…

but anyhow, now things are… to say the least quite different

but I am not complaining bc I think I am beginning to understand some things… how God works… maybe? a little?


“Maybe that’s bc women are mothers”

What? Doesn’t that make men fathers?

“and so, therefore, they are sort of forced to grow up”

What? Who forced them to become pregnant if they didn’t want to? Especially with all the preventives currently available?

As far as being forced to grow up, many egg donors not mothers don’t. I know more single mothers prioritizing funand friends and their own enjoyment than their kids.

Listen on YouTube to Chris Rock’s “The Difference between mommy and daddy”. Access that story about the 41 year old realtor in Florida who, in spite of having a new baby & limited swimming abilities, went on a sailing trip with her husband & disappeared.

Kids mom is dead & dad will be serving prison time for manslaughter on the high seas. Kids are afterthoughts for some, & clearly not all women or mothers grow up.


not enough info to assess anything


Bennett, Lewis & Hellman, Isabella.

These two were in their 40s & with a one year old, prioritizing their own fun with the wife a limited swimmer. Who does that?

Rock, Chris video title “The Difference Between Mommy and Daddy.”

He’s right. Many so called “single mothers” are “getting their groove on” & need to return to the kids.


well, some young women have support from family, a babysitter so they can get away once in awhile… nothing wrong w/ that… The worst off of all are the ones who are all alone raising a child, no family around


Again, why are women consenting to be (not divorced or widowed), but unwed mothers? It is extremely childish to elect to bring a child into the world with inadequate partnership, funding & time on one’s hands for a child.

Some families whose children saunter off to every place from night clubs to university to long distance vacation sue for sole custody of the kids. Can’t say I blame them. Kids probably are getting better acquainted with extended family than their own parents.

Parenting is a big commitment & not to be taken lightly.


do you really expect a lot of young people to KNOW all this?

ha ha… where have you been?

I have made some serious mistakes in my life and have seen others do the same. Some just want “someone to love”… that is sad, if you think of it… I mean… you can’t just condemn people bc they do this or that bc you dont know what was in their heads at the time… or hearts. Some really think they are in love and will get married. Then after they give themselves to the other, they are ditched and the women is pregnant and it is really awful… (obviously). That is why i keep syaing we have to teach our children … how big a job it is to have a chld and how that child will tie you down and maybe even you will r esent it greatly… maybe not every day but… anyhow… I have seen young people who were totally abandoned by their parents and so they had children bc… a child needs you. They needed to be needed… loved. That is not a bad thing, but again, old people need to teach young people bc no one is born knowing all this stuff about being responsible… saying No to the old hormones (and romance so called) and etc…


I recall a female colleague years ago saying (on learning we don’t have kids) “no offense, but a man never really grows up until he has raised children”. I thought, yet resisted the temptation to say ‘perhaps, but having children seems to make women become bitter old divorcees’.


well, men these days can be… fill in the blanks…


I contend that despicable characteristics are equally distributed between men and women. There are scumbags and heroes of both genders.


Just men?

Sorry, but I’m acquainted with far more egg donor type mothers for whom the kids were just afterthoughts, just another accessory in addition to work, college courses, outings with friends, outside the region travels, etc.

Having one or more children doesn’t make anyone a better person unless they want to be.


I had to tell a trainee who almost seemed apologetic about not having or wanting children, “Hey look. Number one it isn’t my business. Number two I’ve far more respect for those men and women who sit it out and think, hey! Is loving and guiding a child really what I want to do with a significant portion of my life? Then decide no, then I have for those who just mindlessly crank ‘em out & then speak in whiny :tired_face: tone of voice ‘I’m a single mother’ (or parent).”


i think things are a little more complicated than that… this sounds misanthropic… just calling it as i see it

Only God understands the human mind, heart and soul… and all those three things are complicated…


Misanthropic? The O P claims some sort of female superiority. That isn’t?

Sure, there are a lot of childlike men. Increasingly a lot of young people are proud to admit they’re still on their parents’ health plan at 25. Not becoming independent is something to be proud of?:hushed:

But there are also men who join the Armed Forces, get educated, do things they may not have gotten to growing up, want marriage & parenting, in short, adult things.

Like it or not, most b c methods are designed for women. If financially someone isn’t independent, or renting with roommates, hasn’t established any credit rating or in a committed relationship, becoming a mother is stupid. And increasingly there seems to be more stupid parenthood among members of both sexes than committed, adult parenthood.

These young need Dr. Laura (Schlessinger) & Chris Rock for tough love. And yes, I much prefer dogs & cats as well as wild animals to most humans. They go by instinct, making them far more wise.