James Armistead gets his freedom


When most of us think of heroes it would not occur to us that a slave would be of such importance. What if I told you that the ultimate surrender of General Cornwallis at Yorktown may have been the result of a slave’s significant contribution? Read the rest at: https://thevoiceofreason.blog/this-day-in-history/


American espionage at it’s finest. It must’ve taken a lot of conviction for Armistead not to switch sides with the guarantee of freedom by the British.

This also highlights a lot of the misperceptions of slavery that many people have today. Slavery was a way of life and many families owned generations of the same slave family who over time became like family themselves. If Armistead was not respected and trusted completely, he would have never been given such an assignment. I’m not saying that slavery was a good thing only that it was a far more dynamic aspect of American life than the typical abusive relationship that is often portrayed.


I wrote a series on slavery I need to share here on Freebird.


I’ve read it… quite informative. I would have liked to have seen a bit more on the affects of the Plessy decision and where it has lead us today but otherwise, well done.


I have to do much of my writing to a lower level of interest. Longer more detailed articles get very few readers. I’ve had to try and strike a balance. Plessy itself could easily be a long article or a two part one.