Japanese Schools


Japanese schools make children wear uniforms, behave obediently, and actually teach them life skills beyond the standard curriculum, like how to cook and do laundry.

Why can’t the West do something like this?


There is a drastic cultural difference and it just wouldn’t work. American kids don’t have enough discipline. A major factor in the success of those Japanese schools is the how homogenous the student base is. There aren’t special snowflakes running around everywhere and not everyone gets a prize just for showing up.


Parents are supposed to teach children that…not the school.

Back when I was a teenager, I had to prepare and cook a meal once a week. Sure I didn’t like it (and I’m sure my parents hated my food) but it developed my culinary skills and now I am glad that my parents made me do it.

When my kids are old enough I will do the same thing. As long as Blue Apron is still around then, they will have an easier time than I did.

Laundry is a also joke to teach in school. I don’t want my tax dollars subsidizing that. If you need someone to teach you how to do laundry you might be below the average IQ or have never watched a YouTube video.


I am torn about this. Uniforms eliminate wealth and social class pressures since no one can clearly see who the poor kids are since everyone is wearing the same thing. The trouble I have is that it stifles creativity and the sense of the individual. Despite what some of you may think, everyone is unique and special. That should be recognized and celebrated. This is a tough one.


And you are wrong.

Try a private school.

Private schools emphasize education not trophies for all.
The private school my daughter attended came with a guarantee. If she didn’t do well she received 30 days of free tutoring after school.


I wholeheartedly agree with you. My focus was on public school. In Japan (I was stationed there many moons ago) all schools require a uniform. I sent my oldest daughter to private Catholic school and my youngest to public school (thanks 2008 downturn). I hate to say this, but there is a difference. You are correct my oldest daughter never received that coddled treatment ever. My youngest daughter did. Guess who is well employed and who is not. Guess which one is sitting around “expecting” things to get better and which one has gone her own way? As long as this entitled culture persists these kids will have a whole heap of issues to deal with, the least of which is a uniform.


My daughter attended private school, pre-K through 2nd grade. At the end of second grade she read at a 4th grade level. We were concerned about socialization as there were only 10n children in her class so we moved her to public school. At the end of 3rd grade she was reading at a 3rd grade level.

Back to private school. Today she attends a private college and has a 30K merit scholarship and is doing well. Works as a assistant to her mentor a IT prof part time.


I don’t care if they wear uniforms or not. Just teach them about compound interest and debt. Teach that in school and reinforce it at home.

Read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” Better yet have your teen read it after you read it and have them do a book report straight to you.

Then have them reread it.


Since we are into making sweeping statements here are mine, the Japanese (and private schools that follow the same models) are exceptional at turning out graduates that all think alike and will execute a plan with the precision of a machine.

Look at Japan’s history, they really are not known for inventing new things but they can take existing products and improve them and mass produce them on an unbelievable scale.

Whereas the United States school system is more fluid, more creative so naturally we tend to produce more ideators. Innovators. Builders. I think of Gates, Jobs, Dell, Cuban, Musk, Bezos, etc., visionaries.

Suggesting one is better than the other seems silly to me. We need to make sure both are protected to continue to provide the education each person responds to unless all we want are robots.

That would make us a weaker nation on so many levels.


are exceptional at turning out graduates that all think alike and will execute a plan with the precision of a machine.

And your experience is what?


My experience is this is what any focus school does. It is their MISSION. Are you actually debating a Catholic School does promotes free thinking outside of Christianity??? Cmon Lou questioning things is good but questioning the obvious now, you’re better than that.

I had a boss who was a West Point Graduate. Do you think they are taught to think outside of established military procedure? No. They are taught to focus on “Cohesion of the UNIT.” How about The Citadel, do you think they produce LIBERALS who want to try new things???

The JOB of these schools is to produce a standard product. That is why you GO there!

I am not even saying this is bad but I am saying we need to recognize it and make our decisions based on what we are looking for. And not EVERY private school is better. It depends on a totality of factors.

Your limitation @Lou is as soon as I say something you are determined to say it is wrong. You need to smile more Lou. You’re going to freeze that way.


So you have no personal experience just opinion. Just say it.

p.s. My daughter went to a private school. I chose the school for a superior education which she retrieved. It was good enough allow her to be admitted to a superior private college, 51K a year and receive a merit based scholarship.

Not all private schools are affiliated with the catholic church.
Not all private schools are based on the military. If you attend the AF Academy, West Point, the Naval Academy you do so because you want a Military career.

Perhaps you’ll wake up some day and realize the world is not according to Steve.


i have the same experience you do @LouMan

I know several people who have gone to focused schools and have discussed it and given me their view about what they got out of it. They all liked it.

I just gave real life 3 examples.

in fact you just reinforced my point. you choose the school you do (if you have the means) because it offers something SPECIFIC YOU WANT.

I could quote stats from Boston Latin HS where 100% of the student body is enrolled in Advance Placement Courses and 25 were accepted to Harvard this year. And they are not even #1 in Massachusetts.

What would that prove Lou? It would prove BLHS is a dam good PUBLIC school!

But it would not prove ALL public schools are as good or as capable.

Just like private schools or home school.

Everything is dependent on the totality of the circumstances nothing is in a vacuum.

I think you are arguing with yourself Lou.

the world is not according to me Lou. It is way better!!!



Your getting there.

You almost said, I don’t know what I’m talking about. Had to caveat it with I know some people.


my story is as relevant as your @LouMan.

some day you too will realize that.



A paragraph from an article I read that I thought was appropriate to the subject…

School-like instruction has been around less than a fraction of one percent of the time we humans have been on earth. Yet humanity has thrived. That’s because we’re all born to be free-range learners. We are born motivated to explore, play, emulate role models, challenge ourselves, make mistakes and try again – continually gaining mastery. That’s how everyone learns to walk and talk. That’s how young people have become capable adults throughout history. And that’s how we have advanced the arts, sciences, and technology. In the long view, school is the experiment.

50 are better than one single minded experiment… especially when the researchers already have the notion that they are the best…


That’s the type of system that is impacting poor and minority neighborhoods across the United States. The children in these schools don’t show up to school and instead learn from the streets. We need to provide more resources, flexible structures and safe spaces for these minority children to feel welcomed, and not be shuttled off to detention because they may “appear” to not be paying attention in class or may “appear” to be disruptive. I don’t think advocating the dismantling of school is very informed.


Have you actually studied the results of U.S students in comparison to other countries sense the inception of the U.S. Department of Education? Hint… its not particularity stellar… at one time we managed to be somewhere around… first place but now we pass kids out of high school who can even do 8th grade math… Employers don’t even pay attention to a high school diploma now as an indicator of knowledge as it is a craps shoot to determine if it was a student problem child passed on to get rid of the problem or a ‘tenured’ teacher who just couldn’t be bothered.


I’d agree that high schools need to have a stronger curricula in the arts and in trades. That would be beneficial to all. I don’t know where you are going with your little Department of Education is evil rant. So foolish. If that were the case then explain to me why students from around the world attend our colleges and universities? We literally have the best higher education system in the world (although it should be free) and students from our public high schools attend these same universities! Your argument makes no sense.


It should make sense… since the inception of the dept of Education the US international standard has constantly dropped. We should indeed provide better trades education but then again most of our trade functions are either exported or we import third world labor to do them. Yes we do have a good number of people attending higher education today… pretty much anything with a pulse can get a lone and entry requirements for liberal arts (gender studies and race studies) isn’t quite as high as for STEM degrees. We seem to be lacking in the area of STEM graduates cause… well, we seem to be importing them as well. As for our higher education system being so good… its probability because it has been a for profit endeavor…