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Don’t tell anyone but education is not done from the department of education but from the local and state level with local dollars.

The department of education brings little to the table.

Do you honestly think making college free would make it better? That a person that has the desire to attend college cannot find a way to get there?


I do wonder why so many people complain about various additions to the curriculum… sex education was highly contentions and seemed to be universally adopted… couldn’t have been strings attached to those operating funds could it? Now I realize that states have had the option to opt out of federal funding for lots of things but whether it is inefficiency of state and local finance or something else, the federal government seems to have its hooks in most things…

And… if they don’t add much, what are we doing with a federal department that has 4200 employees, some with arrest authority? … Inquiring minds…


and we were basically farmers using animals prior to formal education. since formal education was guaranteed for all from k-12 we have gone from animals to the moon is about 100 years.

that’s why.


Yes we send taxes to Washington, they take their cut and return some back to the states.


ROTFLMAO and that happened in 1972 for the last time.

We cannot even get ourselves to the space station which we hauled a large portion to space today.


With strings…


you struggle don’t you.


Only with your make it up as you go beliefs.

You do live in a world of make believe.


Federal Judge Reed O’Connor of the Northern District of Texas has granted a nationwide injunction that prohibits the Department of Justice and Department of Education from attempting to legally enforce its recent “guidance” on how to treat transgender students.

My question is… if it is truly guidance … like 'Promote The General Welfare’ kind of ‘guidance’ vs the more directory ‘Provide for the Common Defense’… and the Dept of Ed brings nothing much to the table… why does the state (who runs their own education) need a court injunction in the first place?..


The states should just ignore whatever comes out of Washington as they ignore the laws they pass.

What would they do send in the troops?


Test post — Just checking …


yes I simply tell you want the real world is doing and you consider that make believe.

suggesting man learned more from instinct and copying others rather than formal education which we SCREAMED passed ALL knowledge of man over the previous 10,000 years in less than 100 years.

yes it is not even close.


Hey… We are talking about THE COMMANDER AND FRICKEN CHIEF…and Texas has one of the larger parking lots of federally owned tanks in the country…


Yes they do as it’s cheaper to park the broken tanks than repair them when they have new ones rolling off the assembly line.